Friday TN Question No. 6

Each week we ask our readers a simple question about their Travellers Notebooks and how they use them.

So this weeks question:

Have you ever made your own Travellers Notebook? If you have what problems did you encounter and how did you get around these problems? 

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Friday TN Question No. 6

  1. Notebookjunkie

    I tried once, not very successfully though. My main problem was the leather, it was just too thin. It is hard to find good leather… the second problem was, that I made it too small. I used the exact measurements of the notebook size I wanted to use, so, obviously, it was a very tight fit. But I guess that falls in the category of "beginners mistakes" 🙂

  2. Steve Yates

    I have a friend who is a saddle maker, so getting nice leather already cut the right size wasn't a problem. However, after thinking about my DIY skills, and how my imagination outweighs reality, I asked Ray to make one for me! I still might have a go one day. Just how hard can it be?

  3. Yochanan Israel

    I think my biggest challenge when designing a new notebook in my ZenKraft line, is allocating the proper amount of space for the notebook to accommodate all of the inserts I plan for it to hold. I usually circumvent this challenge with a template which is oversized, so when I cut out the leather, if i end up trimming off excess, so be it, not a problem. The other way around, being to short is a huge problem.

  4. Steve Morton

    Hi Yochanan
    Do you make a template out of similar thickness card first to try it out with a different number of inserts and with the pocket arrangements etc?

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