Friday TN Question No.7

We hope you all had a very pleasant Christmas and may be you got some Travellers Notebook goodies from Santa….

So this weeks question:

What is your favourite leather colour for a Travellers Notebook?  

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Friday TN Question No.7

  1. crofter

    The regular size I have is dark brown, I liked it for some reason better than black. I think it is because it was simple and seems more natural, and is a color most often occurring in nature. I have a FN size on the way from Ray Blake that will be camel, a color I really do like.

    By the way for those of you who might be interested, I am using a brand of notebook called Banditapple in my regular TN and they also make theFN size. 32 sheets and very fountain pen friendly. They are much cheaper than Midori also. Funny name, great paper. I have been getting mine from

  2. Steve Yates

    I got Ray to make me two, one Field Notes size and one Regular, and both in dark brown, which I guess is nearest to the actual Midori brown. However, I've since taken a shine to the 5th anniversary camel colour, and despite the fact I don't need one I might have to indulge come the new year!

  3. Grace Bye

    I have only had a brown so I think it is hard to say it is a favorite because I never had any other color.

  4. jrtraverso

    I have a few traveler's notebooks. I have a Midori passport in brown that I use as my wallet. I have a Midori regular size that I use as my planner. I then have a natural undid leather that I use as a journal regular midair size. I then have a wonderful Camel that Ray made that I think I am going to use for work. I also have an undied notebook that holds three full size Moleskine chairs that I use for my classes I am taking and one just like it that I use to keep track of my students. I love these things!

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