Web Finds – 24 February 2016

IMG_2129So I hope you are having a good week.

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It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. New every day carry.. – Knits and Planners
  2. Reasons to Journal – Organise your Life & Mind
  3. Ny kalender for 2016  – Spela Fela
  4. I’ve Fallen Down Another Rabbit Hole-Happy Birthday to Me:) – Making Plans Making Life
  5. A hobonichi techo as my placement log book – Paper Lovestory
  6. Midori Travelers Notebook, Passport Review – The Finer Point
  7. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse – Episode 1 – Philofaxy
  8. And One more thing… – Making Plans Making Life
  9. Signature covers by Jason Polaski of YellowBirchOutfitters – This Bug’s Life
  10. Hobonichi Techo Planner (English Version) – Lil Divette
  11. ZenKraft Juggernaut A5 Bi-Fold – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  12. Travelers Notebook Kifu – Spela Fela
  13. 1500 members and a weekly photo challenge – Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets
  14. How to Make Your Own Simple Planner Charm – Becoming Sleek
  15. Flexible week and notes layout for Large Cahier size Traveler’s Notebooks – My Life All in One Place
  16. MTN WEEKLY – Letters in November
  17. Midori Airport Edition – This Bug’s Life
  18. The Blank Page – Organise your Life & Mind
  19. Celebrating the amazing adventure of Traveler’s Notebook! – Baum-Kuchen
  20. EDC TN: February 2016 – Becoming Sleek
  21. Perforation bei X17 (FAQ) – X17 Blog

We are looking to expand the blogs that we monitor  that have TN type posts in them, if you would like your blog added to the system please contact us: admin at travellersnotebooktimes dot com

And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well.

  1. Traveler’s Notebook | Santa Monica + Venice – Amy Tangerine
  2. 2016 Midori Journal Setup – Patty Aizaga
  3. Midori Travelers Notebook Art Journal – Dina Trout
  4. My Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal and My Spiritual Traveler’s Notebook Setups! – Allycia Lee
  5. Foxy Fix travellers notebook lilac in wide – Amanda Cornell
  6. Travelers Notebook Scrapbook Process – Star Wars – Deb Egan
  7. Unboxing and first look at gold Vegan Leather Fauxdori/traveler’s notebook set up and flip through – Jessy Plans
  8. How to add a charm to your travellers notebook – Crafty Nation
  9. Part 1: Updated FoxyFix Traveler’s Notebook Tour – Annie Smith
  10. How I make my Traveler’s Notebook Inserts – ABeautifulPlan
  11. Travelers Times Travelers notebook inserts and 1st Impressions – Gadget Girls Reviews
  12. February 2016 Personal Size Travelers Notebook Set Up – CrazieLittleFish
  13. Michael’s Craft Store Traveler’s Notebook/Fauxdori: First Look and Review – Jessy Plans
  14. personalize my Travelers Notebook – MomentsByBekks
  15. My Two Midori Traveler’s Notebooks Setups – MySummerTouch
  16. DIY Travelers Notebook – Beth Soler
  17. Plan with Me in a Traveler’s Notebook February 2016 – Jessy Plans
  18. Midori Mondays 2016 | Week 7 Journal Entry & Vlog – Paper Tams
  19. Michael’s Traveler’s Notebook Part 2: Changing the string closure to elastic: Easy DIY – Jessy Plans
  20. Quick Travelers Notebook Handmade Insert Show and Tell – WillowMuch
  21. Chic Sparrow Unboxing Creme Brûlée Deluxe – PlanningWithLove
  22. The Gillio Giramondo – My Journal – TheLittleInk