Web Finds – 3 February 2016

IMG_2129So I hope you are having a good week.

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It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. CODEX Cover – A5 – A6 – Van der Spek Blog
  3. Zenkraft Red Zebra Micro Bifold – Becoming Sleek
  4. How to make your own Fauxdori Inserts – Mrs Brimbles
  5. SCRAPBOOKING IN MY MTN – Letters in November
  6. ZenKraft Desert Storm Camo Personal X-Treme Bi-Fold – This Bug’s Life
  7. Fauxdori Review: Shutterdori – Sign of the Tines
  8. A6 Custom Cover from Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets – Organize Your Soul
  9. My Daily Reflects journaling. – Blank and Write
  10. My journal in #midoritravelersnotebook – My Summer Touch
  11. Paper Flower new webshop and a competition – This Bug’s Life
  12. My February Set-Up – Passion Themed Life
  13. PocketJots – Becoming Sleek
  14. Traveler’s Notebook – January update  – Living a Lower Life
  15. Personal traveler’s notebook wallet – Oatmeal and Whimsy
  16. Caylee grey | three years traveler’s notebook – Paisley Press

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And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well.

  1. Putting The Midori Traveler’s Notebook To Use For Productivity – Productivity Academy
  2. What I’m doing With My Empty Journal (Hobonichi) Pages – MyLifeMits
  3. DIY Traveler’s Notebook Inserts – The Conquering Zero
  4. Travelers Notebook inserts comparison – BeckalouBee
  5. My collection! – Rita Weaver
  6. Travelers Notebook Planner Cover (8.5 x 5.5) – Crafts By Lisha
  7. Standout Travelers Notebooks in 2015 – MissVickybee
  8. Foxy Fix Passport Unboxing – John Rush
  9. Midori Travler’s Notebook: Breakfast with my friends – Hwang Su
  10. Update On My Midori Traveler’s Notebook: Pens, Notebooks, Elastics, Oh My! – iHeart iDevices
  11. DIY Tags or Charms for Traveler’s Notebooks – The Organized Author
  12. What I’m Doing With My Empty Journal Pages Part 2  – MyLifeMits
  13. Midori Traveler’s Notebook January 2016 Month End Setup Review – John Rush
  14. My Planner Collection 2016 [English] – Palestblue
  15. How to Add 2, 3, & 4 Inserts to Your Midori Traveler’s Notebook! – Shareware
  16. Blue Midori Setup | Journal Update #7 – TheEmpireDays
  17. Planning Crisis! Which System Do I Use? – Horizon1322
  18. Naked Cow Review and Quick Setup – TheLittleInk
  19. Unboxing a new Travelers Notebook – Chic Sparrow Gemini 2.0 – Vanessa Katz
  20. Pocket Burgundy Mr. Darcy Chic Sparrow setup – MadeWithLoveCrafter
  21. Chic Sparrow Unboxing | A6 Mr Darcy in Toffee – Gradient_Colors
  22. Naked Cow did What to the HOBONICHI?!?!?! – MissVickybee