Web Finds – 18 May 2016

IMG_2129So I hope you are having a good week.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

We are looking to expand the blogs that we monitor  that have TN type posts in them, if you would like your blog added to the system please contact us: admin at travellersnotebooktimes dot com

  1. Black Cherry Boulevard TN from Speckled Fawns – This Bugs Life
  2. Peek: 10th Anniversary Traveler’s Notebook Mini Size – The Well-Appointed Desk
  3. A week in my traveler’s notebook by Websters Pages – The Fabulous Planner
  4. Customer review: Giramondo – Blog | Gillio
  5. MTN 10TH ANNIVERSARY – Letters in November
  6. Bound Notebooks – ein X17 Klon? – X17 Blog
  7. Kasey Spitz’s TNs – what a collection! – This Bugs Life
  8. How I am using my Chic Sparrow Mr Darcy TN and my Filofax Malden – Art of Memories
  9. Make your own Traveler’s Notebooks, three ideas  – The Fabulous Planner
  10. Midori 10th Anniversary Tin Mini TN – Becoming Sleek
  11. Paper Flower Outlander-inspired traveler’s notebook – This Bugs Life
  12. William Hannah Notebook Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!
  13. Three reasons why the traveler’s notebooks are super fun – The Fabulous Planner
  14. Midori Passport Camel 2016 Version – Becoming Sleek
  15. MTN CAMEL – Letters in November
  16. Three reasons why the traveler’s notebooks are super fun – The Fabulous Planner
  17. Video-Review: X17 A5 Leather Notebook (book-by-book) by scrively.org  – X17 Blog

And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well.

  1. Filofax set up and Midori traveler’s may 2016 – Katerina Nouveau
  2. Souvenir Story: The Art of the Travel Journal – Condé Nast Traveler
  3. How to make an insert for your Traveler’s Notebook – DIY TUTORIAL + Giveaway – Iva Kirilova
  4. Traveler’s notebook WEBSTER’S PAGE – set up – Daniela B Filofax is my world
  5. Scrobby Haul ! Mein Traveler’s Notebook in rosegold ist da ! – wildrose1975
  6. How I store my traveler’s notebooks – MommyReporter
  7. Danube Midori Travelers Notebook 3 – Travel Journal Tyme
  8. Travelers Notebooks I’ve made – Fiona’s Art
  9. Bullet Journal & Traveler’s Notebook Goal Tracking – The Organized Author
  10. Danube Midori Travelers Notebook, 3a – Travel Journal Tyme
  11. Travelers Notebook- Happy Mail! – Florence Antonette
  12. How to Journal in your Midori Travelers Notebook ~ process video No.4 – Justine Jqueen
  13. Fauxdori Travelers’ Notebook Planner Setup & Content Walkthrough – Pretty Personal Planners
  14. Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook – Tahasspoken
  15. DIY: Passport Size Paper Traveler’s Notebook – France Wisniewski
  16. How I am using my Chic Sparrow Mr Darcy TN and my Filofax Malden – Marsia Bramucci
  17. How to make Travelers Notebook Inserts, from Scratch! – Tutorial – LisaCreatesThings
  18. Camel Passport Traveler’s Notebook setup May 2016 – MadeWithLoveCrafter
  19. DIY – Leather Traveler’s Notebook (With Pocket) – Step by Step – itsHadrian
  20. Webster Traveler’s Notebook Set Up – Rebecca Hoot
  21. Traveler’s Notebook Camel – First Setup – Yechis
  22. Travelers Notebook finished insert and how to plan and journal creatively! – Nancy Zarroli
  23. Special Edition: Hand Tooled – May 12th – Chic Sparrow
  24. Travelers Notebook Initial Setup – Chic Sparrow Outlander – May 2016 – The Planner Page
  25. Chic Sparrow Mr Darcy Personal Size Black – Patty Aizaga
  26. Making Mixed Media Inserts for Travelers Notebooks – Anna Brim
  27. Artori Leather Travelers Notebook by Crazy Organized Poduct Reviews – Jessie Anslow
  28. Travel Journal – Japan – StudioBAS
  29. [Midori Travelers notebook] My bullet journal system in my Midori – tiffy butter

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