Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 1

IMG_2444We started a series like this when the blog first started about two years ago. Time to revisit.

So this week I will kick off with a simple and safe question:

Do you use a Travellers Notebook instead of a Filofax or as well as? 

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

21 thoughts on “Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 1

  1. Pat

    I’ve never been able to use a ringed binder successfully, but TNs have been quite effective for me.

  2. Amanda Fleet

    Since I moved to using a TN, I’ve not been back in a Filofax. I struggled with a Filofax and really wanted it to work, but it seems I just work better with a TN!

  3. Lynne Dove

    I am dipping my toe into TN world. Still using filofax as main organiser and comparing the two systems. As yet I am undecided. I have always adopted the ‘one life, one filo’ system and am not sure whether strings can be as adaptable as rings.

  4. Steve Yattes

    I have used a full sized TN all summer alongside my slimline Amazona Filofax, whilst trying to decide what I like best. However, I’m now trying my Passport size TN alongside a pocket or mini Filofax. I prefer the smaller format as I don’t have to work, and my family is grown up, so the binders are purely for pleasure. The only thing I don’t like about Filofax is the fact that the rings get in the way, and the only thing I don’t like about TN is that once a notebook is full I need to do a carry forward of stuff I wish to keep. I love Filofax binders, and the concept of it all, so I’ll probably carry on chopping and changing.

  5. Kirsti

    Total TN now. Was a Filofax user for years, but have moved on. Well at least I thought I had until I saw the duck egg blue original personal sized which I ordered recently…..

  6. Laura Lewis

    I switched from a ring binder to a TN last June. I love my TN.

  7. Jen

    Right now I’m all over the place and can’t pick just one. I use a TN for more journaling/lists/trackers kind of stuff and I carry it in my purse. I use an Erin Condren for my calendar/weekly planner, that stays on my desk at work. I also have an Arc junior that I use like a scratch pad for projects I’m working on, meal planning, party planning, basically stuff I throw away when I’m finished.

  8. Julie Strietelmeier

    I want to use a TN but I also want a notebook that will remain open and flat on my desk so I can always glance at it without opening it. Without using clips or weights, I’ve not found a good way to do that, so I’m using a Leuchtturm1917.

  9. Michelle Mills

    I really struggled to make Filofax and ring bound planners in general, work for me. Since moving over to TNs I have found a set up that works and I’m keeping track of everything I need to.

  10. Kyle Troop

    Work planner/journal + Personal planner/journal + Travel planner/Journal, 3 notebooks cover my life in one leather cover that just keeps getting better with age and use. An unexpected bonus, my handwriting skill with a fountain pen is increasing. Will never go back to electronic, I enjoy the time spent with my TN

  11. Susan Sneed

    Currently using a travelers notebook….in vinyl. It’s been an experiment and a successful one. Planning on upgrading to leather soon. Gave up ringed planners YEARS ago.

  12. Katrin

    Went from discbound via Roterfaden and X17 to Travellers Notebook (DIY – both covers and inserts) and am very happy with this system! Never experienced with Filofax as I found my planner peace.

  13. Megan Lepore

    Travellers Notebook only…I could never use a ring binder successfully, & wound up getting frustrated & going back to trying to use Google. That didn’t work for me, & never really resonated. Once I discovered the Travellers Notebook system, I have used it exclusively & with great success!

  14. AnitaR

    I’m using TN since Sept 15 and falling in love with it ever since. Love the cover, love the leather smell…and effective as my planner, journal and as ideas keeper…

  15. SMW

    I use an A6 TN I made myself as a Bullet Journal, and also carry a slim pocket FF that is my reference book. Anything that I would want to carry forward from an old Bullet Journal notebook I transfer to my FF. Best of both worlds!

  16. Tabs Robelou

    I use both, the Filofax for my diary, TN for my journal and 2 notebooks. The TN is also where I store documents that I may need in the future.

  17. Jana

    I use both, personal size.
    My Filofax is my brain, my TN mostly my creative outlet. I also use an insert for my cat to have all the information in one booklet, very useful for trips to the vet. My cat has a tendency to have bladder stones and I got it as an emergency, so there are a lot of vet visits, special diet and weight controll in our life.

  18. Katherine

    I got for TN and I dont like the rings in the way when I am writting

  19. Lyndsay Alvin T. Ng

    Midori TN has been my primary notebook ever since transitioning from Filofax and similar.

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