Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 2

IMG_2444Each week we ask our readers a simple question about their Travellers Notebooks and how they use them.

So this weeks question:

What pens do you use with your Travellers Notebook? 

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

18 thoughts on “Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 2

  1. Steve Yates

    Well, my answer is a pretty simple. If I’m using the regular size I either use a Parker ball pen or propelling pencil. In my Passport I use a Filofax Botanics ball pen which is the right size, but I’ve recently taken to using a Fineliner, which means I can get a lot into the smaller format, which I like.

  2. Valerie

    I have found that the best pen to use is a Lamy Safari with an EF nib. It doesn’t feather or bleed! If I’m not using a fountain pen, which is rarely the case, I use a .5 InkJoy.

  3. Julie Paradise

    For the Passport I like to use a KaWeCo Liliput + EF nib and Rohrer & Klingner Morinda (dark red) as it fits the Leuchtturm Pen Loop I attached to it perfectly and is just a tad smaller as the cover itself. The paper of the original inserts is very fountain pen friendly.

  4. Tammy

    It depends on the insert. Usually a Coleto 0.5 or a black gel pen. Sometimes a Twsbi fountain pen EF with a Sailor Jentle ink.

  5. stevemorton

    I’m using Uniball Vision Elite pens in my organiser and TN mainly because they don’t leak on aeroplanes! Plus they write quite nicely too. I do use fountain pens in my journal though.

  6. Simone

    I have several different inserts in use and am very particular on the pens I use with each of them: for my calendar/planner I use mostly Pilot G2s and several colorful gel pens, for my travel journal, where I also use watercolors, I use a Sharpie pen and in my commonplace insert I use a Lamy Safari with black ink.

  7. Duane

    Typically I use a pilot metropolitan. I have one in black ink and one in green. I also have a kawaco in brown that I use ret.

  8. Rosemary

    It depends where I am and which notebook. I have a few Jinhao fountain pens I use for my travel planner, and I often use Staedtler fineliners in other notebooks. A lot of the time on the go though I just use a mechanical pencil 🙂

  9. Ray

    Anything at all. Pencil, ballpoint, fountain pen, rollerball: whatever is in my pocket or close to me.

  10. Sophiz

    In my every day carry, a personal size TN, I use the pilot juice 0.38 blue-black in pen.
    In my traveler’s notebook regular size, I only use the refill 013 with tomoe river paper, and in this one I use my fountain pen Pelikan M205 purple, EF nib.

  11. Pat

    I like a variety of lower-end fountain pens such as Pilot Metropolitan, Pilot Prera, and Nemosine Singularity. Other times I also enjoy my collection of gel pens.

  12. Cheryl

    I use a pilot prera fine and a twsbi eco 1.1. I also use intense pencils and gel pens in my tn.

  13. Mathieu

    For my TN regular size I mostly use a Twsbi 580 AL fountain pen.
    I use a Lamy al-star for my TN FN size (EDC-wallet) (The Kaweco brass sport fountain pen is on my wish list)

  14. Angel Pradel

    For the regular size a japanese fine Pilot Prera fountain pen with Waterman Intense black ink and for remarks a Lamy Safari, also fine but broader that japanese, with Waterman Audacious red ink. For the passport size a Sailor HighAce Neo Beginners fountain pen with Waterman obsession blue ink. I use this pen also to annotate and marginalia in books

  15. Lyndsay Alvin T. Ng

    I use a Parker Jotter rollerball and a TWSBI fountain pen on my Midori TN passport.

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