Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 3

IMG_2444Each week we ask our readers a simple question about their Travellers Notebooks and how they use them.

So this weeks question:

How many booklets/notebooks do you carry in your travellers notebook? 

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

19 comments to Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 3

  • Three.Weekly (in which I have the rest of the year along with 2017 pages, “collections” which means some necessary medical etc. information that needs be available 24/7), daily (2 pages/day. I change this monthly) and a notebook. I have very small stack of post-it notes glued to the cover of a notebook and when the notebooks is changed, I slap another set of post-its to the new covers. Very simple, very minimal.

  • Dee

    I overstuffed my passport ZYLC with 6 notebook: calendar/annual leave/overtime/CEU logs, weekly, daily notes, extensions/pager numbers, collections of specific procedure and preference notes.

    My Midori Traveler’s notebook has a calendar, Bullet Journal and a reflection journal.

  • Steve Yattes

    Well, currently in my Passport I have a booklet with encoded personal information, a spare notebook, and a current daily notebook. This current one tends to live outside of the elastic fastener and it is in regular use throughout the day. Come the new year I shall also have a weekly diary, as I’ve decided I like having a written record of my year. Additionally, there is a zippered pocket and a kraft file.

  • In my field notes size I have 2, my general one has 3, travel has 3, and projects has 4!

  • Ashley

    5 inserts. Monthly, daily, Christmas insert (it’s never too early!) a journal and a commonplace book

  • Kyle Troop

    #019, #005 and a #002. Organization with space to journal.

  • 3 paper inserts plus a zipped pocket insert: 2016 week plus notes diary; 2017 week plus notes diary (both made by me); notebook.
    Zipped pocket insert has money in; TN has card slots in the covers. It’s wallet+diary+notebook all in one!

  • Anne

    Currently 2, just changed jobs so I use one for new work notes. The other is for Christmas planning. I use this system alongside a ringed planner.

  • Maria

    4 notebooks. 2 lined mini composition notebooks, calendar for 3 months(has monthly and weekly with habit trackers) and a water color insert i make myself. i use a b6 size tn.

  • Pixie

    Five books- grid (to do’s/lists), diary, lined (writing journal), plain (poetry) and kraft paper (art journal) plus a kraft folder and a zip pocket.

  • Sophiz

    In my TN (passport and regular), I have a fourruof for money and papers, and two notebooks(013 and 003) for travels.
    In my personal size (a slim filofax flex) I use an Exacompta agenda, and a 5×5 Clairefontaine grid notebook for notes as my Everyday Cary.

  • Ginger

    I have 7 right now… but it is usually 6.
    My week on 2 pages planner
    Expense tracker
    Lesson planner
    Birthday and address book
    Brain dump
    Smash book
    Xmas planner

    I also carry 2 notebooks outside of my TN because they are the wrong size…
    Menu planner
    D&D character journal

  • Elisa

    3 notebooks (monthly, daily + spare one)
    A set of post it notes
    A small card holder with 6 slots for business cards and similar

  • Donna

    I have 3 a6 TN’s.
    1 I use as a wallet with one lined nb, 2016 monthly/weekly calendar, and my 2017 monthly/weekly calendar along with 1 wallet insert – ( 3 total notebooks)

    1 is used as my journal TN with two lined nb, a bible study nb, and dot nb for doodling; also a dashboard folder on each notebook – (4 total books)

    1 I use as my art journal with 2 kraft plain nb’s, a coloring book and 1 lined nb to practice hand lettering – (4 total books)

  • 4: current planning, last full notebook, blog notes/plan/schedule and work notes

  • Chantal

    I have 3 notebooks in my Midori

  • Mathieu

    Regular: 3 booklets, craft folder, zipper pouch
    Field notes: 2 booklets, craft folder, wallet insert

  • In my standard and pocket TNs I have 4 inserts, If I am carrying a pocket Chunky TN I will have 8 inserts.