Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 9

IMG_2444Each week we ask our readers a simple question about their Travellers Notebooks and how they use them.

So this weeks question:

How many Travellers Notebooks do you own?

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

Is there a Question you would like to ask our readers about how they use their Travellers Notebooks?

9 thoughts on “Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 9

  1. Steve Yates

    Rather like Filofax obsession, they’re growing in number! I now have four genuine Midori, a black Passport, a camel Passport, a brown Regular and a PanAm Blue. Additionally, I have a two fauxdori one Regular and one Field Notes, but they are nothing like the real thing. I don’t like them and don’t use them.

  2. Tabs

    Currebtly i have 3 passport and 4 regular travellers notebook. I also have a just bigger than fieldnotes size that we cut down from a tegukar i got on amazon.

  3. sophiz

    I actually own 7 travellers notebooks : 1 camel passport size 1 brown +1 blue regular size Traveler’s notebooks, 1 pocket size Foxyfix, 2 personal size Chic Sparrow, and my everyday cary, my flex slim size from Filofax.

  4. Amanda Fleet

    I have three; 2 in use and one that I used to use (and may well use again as my daily carry-all):
    Current daily carry-all: cahier-size with extra card slots made by Meadowgate Leather on Etsy (brown)
    Regular-size made by Sun Leaves on Etsy (in a sea-green/dark turquoise colour) – used for notes on a project
    Cahier size made by Stamford Notebook Company, in red. Not currently used but may get swapped for the Meadowgate at some point.

  5. Julia

    3 regular midori, 2 regular fauxdoris, 1 passport fauxdori

  6. Cailyn Arrington

    I have 14 Chic Sparrows (various models and sizes), 1 Jonelifish, 2 standard camel midoris (in different shades of camel), 1 blue midori, 1 brown standard midori, and 1 passport brown midori, as well as about 6 or 7 made by me in my leather tooling phase.

  7. katherine

    i have five total, 1 Midori TN Regular Size, 1 VDS Nomad Complete, 1 Gillio Giramondo, 1 DIY fieldnote size and 1 Innovated Journaling passport size

  8. caendicott

    5: 2 standard sizes, 2 B6’s, and a passport in a pear tree! (I’m a little late on that joke, but oh well!)

  9. AnitaR

    2 midori regular (black and brown), 1 brown midori passport size and 1 pocket size tn is on the way…

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