Van der Spek ‘Touch Me’ Nomad

The Van der Spek Nomad has been around now for coming up for two years. Last year Van der Spek introduced the same design but in the mass produced Touch Me range using five new buffalo leathers sourced in France. The Touch Me Model is the complete design with a full range of pockets and with a pen loop as well.

The leather is great and it is soft and very supple and hard wearing. I have an organiser made out of the Tabac (2nd from the right) and it has not suffered at all from every day use.

Van der Spek NOMAD size is compatible with 210 x 110 mm size inserts and comes with 4 equal length elastics


The interior design is as follows:

  • Left hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 2 vertical credit card pockets | 2 horizontal slip pockets.
  • Right hand side: 1secretarial flap | 1 horizontal slip pocket | elasticated leather pen loop

Here are the names of the five leather colours.

And now the best bit… for 24 hours there is a limited offer on the Touch Me Nomad.

You can of course order a custom model and pick and choose which options you have, including a vast range of interior and exterior leathers. And other sizes as well. See the Van der Spek website for details of the Custom Nomads