Web Finds – 22 March 2017

So I hope you are having a good week.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

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  1. Skriver Creek traveler’s notebooks – This Bug’s Life
  2. La mia nuova Lumidori in color bubblegum – A little trip in Flavia’s world
  3. Now available in paperback: Journalling School book – My Life All in One Place
  4. My Full Planner Collection – Tales From A Polk County Girl
  5. Travelers Notebook Journal & Vision Board – Mrs Brimbles
  6. Tutorial : How to make an easy folder for a Traveler’s Notebook – UglyBug
  7. ZenKraft Everest Expedition B6 X-Treme Bifold – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  8. One month in: using a Bullet Journal and Filofax combo – Polkadotparadiso
  9. The dot grid notebook – Some great brands + why people love their dot grid! – Journal
  10. UglyDori Unboxing (plus LyraandCo Travelers Notebook Wallet and TravelersTimes Notebooks)… – The Delightful Planner – Plan and craft a life filled with delight

And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well. Give them a like and subscribe to their channel if you like what you see.

  1. Midori Browns leather comparison, old and new, plus easy and cheap leather care – John Sparegrave
  2. Traveler’s Notebook: Journal with me #08 – seemownay
  3. Midori Traveler’s Notebook – Lovely Day Channel
  4. Adding extra elastics to your traveler’s notebook or fauxdori – Plan with Jessy
  5. Midori traveler’s notebook – Before Traveling. – Siamese Rain
  6. Travelers notebook uses – Linda O’Neil
  7. Blush Ivory Vegetabble Tanned Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing – Much Love, J
  8. Spring 2017 Travelers Notebook & Bullet Journal Daily Setup | PrettyPaperDesigns – Stacie Gilbert
  9. Using My Travelers Notebook As A Coupon/Cash Wallet – Kinda Crafty
  10. Michael’s Molly & Rex Traveler’s Notebook – Sarah’s Here
  11. MIDORI Traveler’s Notebook: USA Trip 2016 – Siamese Rain
  12. MIDORI Traveler’s Notebook: Storage Insert. – Siamese Rain
  13. Traveler’s Notebook | Our Trip to Charleston – Sweet Bean Plans
  14. An Overview and Flipthrough A6 Traveler’s Notebook Wallet Setup – Lanie Andrea Olan
  15. A6 Travelers Notebook – Mothers day Plan with Me – The Vintage Planner
  16. Como hacer un caderno – Travelers Notebook – Ines Dreamer
  17. Travelers Notebook Junk Journals with Vintage Postcards – Melanie Barnes
  18. Traveler’s Notebook – lisalovescrafting
  19. Travelers notebook insert – flip through – Tanya Hubbard
  20. Chic Sparrow Travelers Notebook Unboxing | PrettyPaperDesigns – Stacie Gilbert
  21. Arizona fun finds! – richluvem
  22. Preparation & Preplanning | Converting To TN Notebook System (from Bound Notebook) – Christina Davis
  23. My Black Kodiak Traveler’s Notebook Setup – Marsia Bramucci
  24. HOW and WHY I keep a Story Journal – amy gretchen

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