Van der Spek Nomad – Wallet Accessory

The Van der Spek Nomad was launched in March 2015 as a custom designed travellers notebook available in a large range of colours, leathers, designs and sizes. In June 2016 it was also launched in the Touch Me range of leathers pre-made for Van der Spek.

The custom models are all manufactured from the best quality leathers by their own in house team of leather artisans.

Van der Spek Touch Me Nomad

Van der Spek Custom Nomad

These are in the standard size of TN that take booklets and other accessories for the 210 x 110 mm size. I’m sure you have seen these plastic inserts available on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and other on-line sources.

These are ok, but after a time the plastic becomes brittle and can split potentially losing the contents.

So I sat down with the Van der Spek team this last week and I worked closely with Petra and her father to try and come up with something that would give similar functionality to these types of inserts, but they would work with the Van der Spek designs, they would be of higher quality, more durable and be affordable to buy.

They agreed that a custom leather design would be great and we sat around the table sharing ideas and bouncing ideas off each other. Finally we came up with a simple design that will thread on to one of the vertical elastics. of the Nomad or any other similar Travellers Notebook.

We agreed that this Wallet Accessory could be fitted to existing Nomads, as well as being able to be ordered with new Nomad orders in matching leather to your Custom Nomad. Additionally the Touch Me colour leathers are available so these could be used for the Touch Me range of Nomads too.

This being Van der Spek we came up with a variety of available options.

So at the base you can have a simple zip pocket insert.

We also had another prototype made with a zip pocket on one side, and 10 credit cards on the reverse side with a slip pocket as well.

However, if the configurations shown above aren’t to you liking, please email Petra at Van der Spek and I’m sure she will be able to give you an idea of the cost of your custom configuration.

Here are some close ups of the tabs top and bottom that the elastics thread through and therefore they are easy to insert and remove if you wish to use it in another TN, or to carry it separately.

Naturally we couldn’t stop with just two prototypes, so a third one was made for the Nomad Junior size:

The prices for the known options are as follows:

Standard size:
Zipper case € 55.00
Credit cards € 40.00
Junior size:
Zipper case € 40.00
Credit cards € 30.00

The Nomad Wallet Accessory will be added to the Van der Spek Webshop next week (W/C 19 June 2017)

Thank you to Petra Van der Spek for exclusive access to this great addition to their custom made leather planners and accessories.

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