Web Finds – 22 November 2017

So I hope you are having a good week.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

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  1. Planning a summer holiday: how I planned Vancouver – Paper Lovestory
  2. Time management Monday: Portable planning – Quo Vadis Blog
  3. November News: Black Friday – Chic Sparrow
  4. October flip through – Karen’s Obsessions
  5. 2018 planner setup – Belle B. Cooper
  6. Taroko Design A5 notebook – Pens Paper Plans
  7. Planner status, november 2017 edition – Penguin Girl
  8. Monthly planning pages? – Quo Vadis Blog
  9. Memory Keeping and Creative Journaling for November – Kerrymay._.Makes
  10. How I used my Jibun Techo in 2017 – Belle B. Cooper
  11. Rhodia Fan Profile: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – Rhodia Drive
  12. Holiday Deadlines and Winter Break – Chic Sparrow
  13. 10 Tips for Setting up the Jibun Techo for Functional Planning – Lil Divette
  14. How I am making “Jibun Techo” work for me!  – Baum-Kuchen
  15. Finding your perfect planner – Quo Vadis Blog
  16. Start Bay Navigator A5 Traveler’s Notebook – Pens Paper Plans
  17. 1980s Uncalendar Planner – Notebook Stories
  19. NaNoWriMo update – Lady Falcon Travelers


And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well. Give them a like and subscribe to their channel if you like what you see.

  1. 10 Tips for Setting up the Jibun Techo for Functional Planning – Lil Divette
  2. Journal With Me | Amity Bloom Style | – Amity Bloom
  3. Saturday Setups in my Travelers Notebooks – Rita Weaver
  4. Hobonichi Weeks vs Filofax Pocket Malden- Which Should I Choose? – Seaweed Kisses
  5. Ray Blake London Underground Unboxing – John Rush
  6. Olive Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing – Girl and Quill
  7. B6 Japanese Franklinplanner (2018) in B6 Appunto – Ju La
  8. The Custom Keeper | TN Cover – MyLifeMits
  9. The Trouble with Foxy Fix: The Santa Fe Leather in B6 – Sylvia From Wright Your Life
  10. TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK // B6 Plan With Me – ft. My Newest Addiction! – Holly Plans
  11. 3 Tips to Overcome ‘Planner Overwhelm!’ – MommyReporter
  12. Monday change up travelers notebook. Sort of. – Rita Weaver
  13. [Hobonichi Techo] Plan With Me – Witchcraft – FroggiesTN
  14. Sojourner Traveler’s Notebook Retrow B6 Slim Ibex Unboxing – John Rush
  15. How to Make a Simple Traveler’s Notebook Insert – Kate Elliott
  16. Midori Travelers Notebook Travel Setup– Hannah Sheehan
  17. Unboxing Olive Edition Traveler’s Notebook – Zayna

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