Web Finds – 19 September 2018

So I hope you are having a good week.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. SMART Productive Planner – Mrs Brimbles
  2. Sneak peek: New Clairefontaine Graf’Book Fine Arts Notebooks! – Quo Vadis Blog
  3. Hobonichi 2019 unboxing – Empress Bat’s Journal
  4. Ten Years of Notebook Stories! – Notebook Stories
  5. ZenKraft Genghis Khan B6 Pro Sleeve  – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  6. Traveller’s Notebook – Through The Keyhole
  7. Hobonichi 2019 – Was ich bestellt habe! – Lorelei Lee’s Plan-Bar
  8. EDC: Iconic Plain Classic Notebook / Flamingo – notesinabook
  9. Writing Wednesday: What is the Page Per Day Challenge? – Quo Vadis Blog
  10. Update of my BuJo – Blank and Write – The Blog
  11. Revisiting the Past: More on Finishing Notebooks (2014) – Notebook Stories
  12. ZenKraft Manila Sunset v2 Composition Book Briefcase – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  13. Online Workshop – Make Your Own Paper Traveler’s Notebook (Kit Included) – Ugly Bug Plans
  14. Elrohir notebook covers – United Inkdom
  15. Perfect notebooks for Inktober! – Rhodia Drive
  16. B6 Flex Binder as a Writing Notebook – Tales From A Polk County Girl
  17. What is the Plan for 2019? Jibun Techo Mock up in Filofax Ring Planner for Fall – Kat’s life in Cali
  18. ZenKraft RedRum Composition Book Bifold – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes

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And we have found this selection of videos for your enjoyment as well. Give them a like and subscribe to their channel if you like what you see. Also take a look at their other videos.

  1. Custom Van Der Spek hobonichi weeks cover – Planner Mumsy
  2. PLAN WITH ME | Journal Process | – Amity Bloom
  3. Traveler’s Notebook Journal Flip Through: Chic Sparrow Narrow Creme Brulee – amybud
  4. DM Leather Unboxing – Leather Journal – eat.run.plan.repeat
  5. Unboxing: Clear Holographic Traveler’s Notebooks – Planning for Busy Moms
  6. Traveler’s Notebook Layout : Sketch Challenge 4 – Michelle Mills – UglyBugPlans
  7. TN spread || Sunday Vibes – Krafting with Karen – YouTube
  8. Hobonichi 2019 Unboxing + Set up Chatty vers – MyLifeMits
  9. 不是闷 | 2018年夏天在东京的文具暴击 | Stationery Trip to Japan – Bushimen
  10. B6 INSERTS // Plan With Me – ft. Scribble Prints Co! – Holly Plans
  11. Using Multiple Planners: How & Why – Planning for Busy Moms
  12. Pocket Page Notebook // Miracle // How to add ephemera to your Traveler’s Notebook – dearly dee
  13. Financial Traveler’s Notebook Setup – Dave Ramsey Baby Step 6 – art journal girl
  14. New Pocket Travelers Notebook, Making of and set up – LifeintheMitten
  15. TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK // A6 Set Up – Favorite Things! – Holly Plans
  16. Ironed stringless Traveler’s Notebook curcuma colored – Thomas Outhomer
  17. World’s Largest Traveler’s Notebook?? – Artful Aesthetic
  18. Plan With Me! | B6 Traveler’s Notebook Foxy Fix | Feat. Sticker Bloom – Carli Grace
  19. Fall Travelers Notebooks 2018 – Estella Wilson Creations
  20. TRAVELER’S notebook PASSPORT SIZE 2019 MONTHLY トラベラーズノート パスポートサイズ – matsu channel
  21. Chic Sparrow A6 Travelers Notebook Setup – Irene_PlansMe
  22. Traveler’s Company “Midori” Unboxing – Regular Size – amybud

If you see a video in this list that you believe has been pirated from another channel please let me know and I will remove it from the listing.  Thank you.

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