Web Finds – 16 October 2019

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. Galen Leather Tomoe River notebooks in Pocket and A5 size – This Bug’s Life
  2. The Strategist’s 100 Best Notebooks – Notebook Stories
  3. Page One – a notebook for writers – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  4. Special Announcement! Clairefontaine Rhodia Acquires Stillman & Birn – Rhodia Drive
  5. Roterfaden TASCHENBEGLEITER notebook covers – This Bug’s Life
  6. Vertical Planning in the Hobonichi Weeks – Polkadotparadiso
  7. Notebook Review: Pebble Stationery Co. Glacier Edition – The Well-Appointed Desk
  8. Planner Problems – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  9. Wilko Travel Journal and Flip Through – Kerrymay._.Makes – Planners, Mixed Media, Creative Journals – Blog
  10. Galen Leather undyed A5 folio – This Bug’s Life
  11. MUPPETS: the Ostrich Print Collection – Blog | Gillio
  12. Rhodia 2020 WebPlanner Weekly Notebook Giveaway – The Pen Addict
  13. “Old notebooks that open a window on lost world of Wensleydale cheese” – Notebook Stories

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And we have found this selection of videos for your enjoyment as well. Give them a like and subscribe to their channel if you like what you see. Also take a look at their other videos.

  1. My Van Der Spek Custom Codexes – Planner Mumsy
  2. Journal with Me in Traveler’s Notebook – journalmine
  3. Journal With Me | Traveler’s Notebook – Episode 26 – skylar hand
  4. Easy Hinged Pocket Flip Out For Your Journal – Amity Bloom
  5. Deciding what you need to put in your planner – Planner Mumsy
  6. Bullet Journaling with Artist’s Loft – John Rush
  7. 测评 Lite Kokuyo Jibun Techo 2020 Review! Lite国誉自我手帐2020,值得买嘛? – Bushimen
  8. Junk Journal With Me Traveler’s Notebook – MyLifeMits
  9. Rings Vs Strings | How To Decide – Sylvia From Wright Your Life
  10. Midori MD A5 notebook: journal with me 09 * Getting my Hobonichi order – seemownay
  11. A5 LUX PRO Productivity Planner setup – UPDATE! – Planner Stuff
  12. Traveler’s Notebook October Insert Setup – Coffee, coffee & coffee! – happie_journal_life

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