Web Finds – 5 May 2021

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. Attention Email Subscribers – Travellers Notebook Times
  2. Link Love: Come for the Pens, Stay for The (Bodega) Cats – The Well-Appointed Desk
  3. X is for… Xplore – notesinabook
  4. Lochby field journal field report from the, err, field. – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  5. Journaling for Health and Success – FranklinPlanner Talk
  6. Y is for… Yearly – notesinabook
  7. May 2021 Bullet Journal Set up – Sam Alderson
  8. Index Cards – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  9. Notebook vs Journal – what’s the difference? – Milligram – All
  10. Z is for… ZZzzzz – notesinabook
  11. Gestatten: Hobonichi, Deep Red – Deine ZEIT, dein PLAN, dein BUCH
  12. Fill a tiny journal: Colorful – iHanna’s Blog
  13. Notebook Routines – Notebook Stories
  14. Tsuki ‘Nara’ Limited Edition Bullet Journal – notesinabook
  15. Sunday Reading for May 2, 2021 – The Gentleman Stationer

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  1. [Hobonichi Techo] Plan with me – Vintage floral – FroggiesTN – LittlesOtters
  2. Happy Mail Traveler’s Company – Planning With John
  3. VDS planner – custom standard codex (Melanzana & velvet sand) – hobonichi weeks cover – My.Stationery. Love
  4. Traveler’s Notebook Journal With Me Travel TN – Let’s Journal About Our Neighbourhood – MyLifeMits
  5. Languages | Language Notebooks Update – Sunshine & Stationery
  6. Traveler’s Notebook Setup May 2021 | My Everyday Carry – Sylvia With A Plan
  7. Hobonichi Weeks: journal with me 07/2021 – seemownay
  8. May 2021 Plan With Me In My Traveler’s Notebook – Planning With John
  9. Mail Art Process feat. Crafty Lisa’s Vintage – skylar hand
  10. May Bullet Journal Set Up | Plan With Me – Helen Colebrook
  11. Journal With Me No. 8 – Traveler’s Notebook – Daily setup – happie_journal_life
  12. Planner Perfect’s New Summer Launch of Travelers Notebooks!! – Planner Perfect
  13. Chic Sparrow Huckleberry Unboxing #shorts – spellbound notes
  14. MAY FUNCTIONAL MONTHLY Plan With me | PlantheGrind – PlanTheGrind-SarahWheeler
  15. Faith Standard Traveler’s Notebook – Monique Smith
  16. Insert comparison (Baum-Kuchen GRID, traveler’s company light weight & super light weight +pen test) – My.Stationery. Love
  17. Happy Mail | Traveler’s Company and Amazon – Planning With John
  18. Stationery Sunday Fountain Pen Inks, Falcon Travelers notebook, Tono & Lims – MyLifeMits
  19. The Onion Skin Journal Unboxing | Onion Skin Notepad – skylar hand
  20. Journal With Me No. 9 – Hobonichi A5 Day Free + Mini Haul – happie_journal_life
  21. Planner Perfect’s New Croc Line Launched NOW!!! – Planner Perfect
  22. FUNCTIONAL Weekly Plan with Me 18 | PlantheGrind – PlanTheGrind-SarahWheeler
  23. Midori MD Notebook Light – pack of 3 – My.Stationery. Love
  24. January – April 2021 Completed Planner Books – Stalogy, Moleskine & Nanami Bullet Journals  – Monique Smith
  25. Creating a Bullet Journal Spread with Mama Makes Stamps. #shorts – Hannah J
  26. Our Best Journal Tips | Lollipop’s Birthday Hop | Journal Process | ms.paperlover 2021 – ms.paperlover
  27. May Planner Update – Lois Houston

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