Web Finds – 14 July 2021

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. Link Love: Lego My Typewriter – The Well-Appointed Desk
  2. Comment personnaliser un agenda avec Quo Vadis Factoy ? – Quo Vadis
  3. Green Pebble: Notebook – Amie Haslen – notesinabook
  4. The return of handwritten notes – a quick look at LA Paper Lover stationery sets – Rediscover Analog
  5. Profolio Oasis Summit B6 Notebook Review – The Pen Addict
  6. Paper Review: Lennon Toolbar Egret Paper – The Well-Appointed Desk
  7. Fill yer boots! – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  8. The Hand-Made Magic of Life Stationery – Milligram – All
  9. Maruman Into-One Binder Mini Size in Light Blue: A Review – The Pen Addict
  10. Classics of Stationery: Rhodia Pads and Notebooks in the T.G.S. Curated Shop – The Gentleman Stationer
  11. Sketchbook Review: 8 Random Sketchbooks (including HOT TAKES) – The Well-Appointed Desk
  12. Rainbow weekly spread in the TEDi Online Creative Diary – All About Planners
  13. Design Brief – Delfonics’ Rollbahn Notebook – Milligram – All
  14. Profolio Oasis Summit Notebook Review – Fountain Pen Love
  15. Dancing with past, present, and future // Love Letter, July 2021 – Baum-kuchen – BK Journal by Wakako

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  1. Travel Journaling 101: what to bring and what to gather | tips on packed tools and found mementoes – lizzuplans
  2. Initial August 2021 Stalogy Setup – Monique Smith
  3. Blue Challenge Book Flip Through – Helen Colebrook
  4. How I Use My Leather Cover for Journalling | Chic Sparrow Wide Buttered Rum (Emma) – chicsparrow
  5. My Journals and Planners Line-Up | Midori, Traveler’s Notebook, Hobonichi – happie_journal_life
  6. Faith Chat – Personal Rings & Bound Books (B6, A5 & A6) – Monique Smith
  7. Hobonichi Cousin: journal with me – stamping envelopes and B-Sides FOMO – seemownay
  8. A6 Planner Set Up – Travelers Notebook w Wallet – Aura Estelle – Ink Imperfections
  9. Studio Diaries #2 | VLOG | Tombow Irojiten Pencils | Japanese Art Shop Haul | Gouache Florals – Emily Kariya
  10. Purse Planners (Zequenz & Pocket Stalogy), Plan w/ me, Generational Prayers & Hobonichi Weeks – Monique Smith
  11. May 2021 Traveler’s Notebook Flip Through – Kelly Janes
  12. Journal with me – Passport Journal Cover – Midori Travelers Notebook – CurlyHairAndDaisies
  13. How To Make Traveler’s Notebook?: Diy Traveler’s Notebook – Axl Ross Vallo

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