Web Finds – 12 January 2022

Happy New Year.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. Web Finds – Saturday 1 January 2022 – Philofaxy
  2. Undated Nolty Daily Book – Notebook Stories
  3. Tempus Fugit – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  4. The Dangers of Relying on Willpower – FranklinPlanner Talk
  5. Rencontre avec l’association La cravate Solidaire Nantes – Quo Vadis
  6. Intro pages for the Christmas Journal – iHanna’s Blog
  7. The Poppy Planner – Susan Williams-Goebber Planning Your Life Out on Paper
  8. Rencontre avec l’association de A à Zèbres – Quo Vadis
  9. The Paper Mind Mitsubishi Bank Paper Notebooks (Sponsor) – The Pen Addict
  10. Planner Quote: January 10, 2022 – FranklinPlanner Talk
  11. Question Of The Day: Why Can’t I Achieve My Goals? – Day Designer
  12. Have A Nice Day Planner – notesinabook
  13. A sneak peek of December’s Box! – The Fabulous Planner – News

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  1. Video Web Finds – Wednesday 12 January 2022 – Philofaxy
  2. Hobonichi Weeks 2022 Set-Up And Flip Through – Tiffany’s Plans
  3. 2021 Hobonichi Weeks | Minimalist Planner Flip Through – Thoughts Along Life’s Highway
  4. X47 A5+ Querformat Review – Graham Rhind
  5. B6 Slim Chic Sparrow Setup – Monique Smith
  6. Flip through I December 2021 I Weekly spreads I Hobonichi cousin, weeks and Wonderland222 – Planner mother of 3
  7. My Falcon Travelers Fandom Unboxing – Amy Graham
  8. My Journal Set-Up #journaling #2022 #gratitudejournal – Planner Perfect
  9. Journal With Me | Traveler’s Notebook – skylar hand
  10. Journal With Me | Catching Dreams – Helen Colebrook
  11. Journal Line Ups 2022! – happie_journal_life
  12. Moleskine Daily Planner Hardcover v Softcover Comparison – journaljoy
  13. HOW I find TIME for ROUTINES | Mapping my Time | PlantheGrind – PlanTheGrind-SarahWheeler
  14. 2021 & 2022 Hobonichi Weeks – Monique Smith
  15. PLAN WITH ME! #planning #planner #planwithme #pwm – Planner Perfect
  16. Traveler’s Notebook Setup: 2022 Storage Update – Desiree TV
  17. 2021 Review: What Journals I used in 2021. Hobonichi * Nolty * Traveler’s Notebook – seemownay
  18. Add 4 Stings to a Midori Traveler’s Notebook with Buttons (No Holes!) – Quasi Thoughts
  19. Silent Plan w/ Me – Standard Size Stalogy: Bullet Journal – Monique Smith
  20. Moterm Covers: B6 and Standard Traveler’s Notebook – Desiree TV
  21. Kinbor A5 weekly 2022 planner review – Vegan Organizer
  22. A6 Wonderland222 – Chic Sparrow Folio – Monique Smith
  23. Traveler’s Notebooks in Storage – Desiree TV

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