Web Finds – 30 March 2022

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. Web Finds – Saturday 26 March 2022 – Philofaxy
  2. Achieving Mental Equanimity – FranklinPlanner Talk
  3. Lochby Field Journal in use – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  4. Sequoia | Waypoint | Cascade Folio – Leather Travelers Notebooks, Journal Covers and Handbags — ChicSparrow
  5. Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 11 – Just Eclectically
  6. On Keeping a Commonplace Book – Notebook Stories
  7. Planner Quote: March 21, 2022 – FranklinPlanner Talk
  8. Emma | Austen | Cascade – Leather Travelers Notebooks, Journal Covers and Handbags — ChicSparrow
  9. Daily Journal 2022 – April – Just Eclectically
  10. Why do some books have multiple blank pages at the end? – This Bug’s Life
  11. Crumbled – Pam Alison Knits
  12. Little Slips – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  13. Bullet Journal 2022 – Week 12 – Just Eclectically
  14. Link Love: In the Bag – The Well-Appointed Desk
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  1. Video Web Finds – Wednesday 30 March 2022Philofaxy
  2. Standard Size Traveler’s Notebook – Jenika Journals – Monique Smith
  3. Plan with me in my B6 – Planner Mumsy
  4. I usually hate this feature but in Galen Leather’s A5 Notebook Cover, I love it! – Pens and Tea
  5. Plan With Me | Bullet Journal | April – Helen Colebrook
  6. Plan With Me | Week 12 | A6 Leuchtturm 1917 – Sylvia With A Plan
  7. A5 Traveler’s Notebook Setup – Monique Smith
  8. “Kırtasiye Alışverişi l Hobonichi, Kaweco, Lamy, Galen Leather, Monteverde” – Elif Morkoc
  9. Hobonichi Weeks Bullet Journal + Moterm Lilac Setup 2022 – spellbound notes
  10. New Moterm Traveler’s Notebook Cover | Standard TN – Sylvia With A Plan
  11. Plan with ME!!! – Planner Perfect
  12. Galen Leather Fountain Pen Case Unboxing And Review – Writing As Usual
  13. Hobonichi Mega Weeks – Plan w/ Me – Monique Smith
  14. Chic Sparrow Unboxing: Diego March Leather in B6 Slim – Mystery Arts
  15. A5 Chocolate Creme Setup-Chic Sparrow(2weeks use)…. – JediUp777
  16. Chic Sparrow Narrow Unboxing – Lisa Pierson
  17. Transitioning into April 2022 Standard Stalogy Chat – Monique Smith
  18. Chic Sparrow Mr. Darcy Bingely | Pocket Notebook Setup – Keeshia Pie
  19. New Chic Sparrow Unboxing! – Lilac Jream
  20. Traveler’s Company Traveler’s Notebook First Impressions – Getting Better At Writing In Notebooks – Eric Shay Howard’s Channel
  21. How I Simplified My Planner System in my Passport Traveler’s Notebook | @Quoth the Crow – Quoth the Crow
  22. B6 Hobonichi Cousin Avec – Monique Smith
  23. Unboxing Traveler’s Company 10th Anniversary Tin from Baum-Kuchen – A Peach Life
  24. What Has & Hasn’t Worked So Far This Year In My Bullet Journal… {1st Quarter Review} – Rebecca of Wilson Hill
  25. TRAVELER’S notebook Blue (Passport Size) – momi thinz
  26. Blue Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing + stationery haul. – blankpage
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