Web Finds – 11 January 2023

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos. We try to find all the best ‘Carnet de Voyage’ posts every week.

  1. Web Finds – Saturday 7 January 2023 – Philofaxy
  2. Claude Monet Bloc Notes – notesinabook
  3. Alastair Planner undatiert (horizonal & Version “Maren”) – Lorelei Lee’s Plan-Bar
  4. Planner Review: Midori MD 5-Year Diaries – The Well-Appointed Desk
  5. Atoms to Astronauts to A5 to Apocrypha – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  6. Thursday Drops: Journals, Planners, and Journaling Supplies – The Gentleman Stationer
  7. Paperchase: A6 Honeycomb Magnetic Daily 2023 Diary – notesinabook
  8. Review of the Dot Journaling book by Hannah Beilenson – All About Planners
  9. Fauxbonichi Undatiert – Lorelei Lee’s Plan-Bar
  10. 5 Reasons I Switched from an A5 to a B6 Planner: Hobonichi to Wonderland222 – Everything Planner and Home Organization
  11. Moleskine XL Monthly Notebook Diary/Planner 2023 – notesinabook
  12. Link Love: Getting Through the Week – The Well-Appointed Desk
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  1. Video Web Finds – Wednesday 11 January 2023Philofaxy
  2. 2023 Planner Line Up – Lethbridge Paper
  3. Galen Leather Co x Nahvalar (Narwhal) Collaboration – The Joy in Pens and Paper 
  4. DIY Planner/Journal set up featuring Galen Leather Everyday Notebook – TintAnna
  5. Standard TN Composition Notebooks – Planning With John
  6. Planner 2023 | How To Plan Without A Planner Episode #1 – Sylvia With A Plan
  7. Hobonichi Weeks as an Ink Log – Ink Jotter. How I use the pages. – seemownay
  8. Repurposed Moleskine Pocket – A6 Gillio Appunto – Moniki Lyfe
  9. Journal With Me Process Video Collab with Trish – Helen Colebrook
  10. My New 2023 Trapper Keeper Planner – Planning With John
  11. 2023 Planner Stack/Part 1 – Overview & Everyday Carry – Thoughts Along Life’s Highway
  12. 2022 Planner Recap – Planner Mumsy
  13. Why I switched from an A5 to a B6 Size Planner: Hobonichi Cousin to Wonderland222 – Dia Meraz
  14. My 2023 on the go Planner | Hobonichi Weeks – dr_alvaplans
  15. Plan With Me Jan 9th-15th, 2023 | Pocket Moleskine Daily | Pocket Planner – My Moxie Dreams
  16. My 2023 January Planner Setup | Planner Lineup | Planner Stack – Sylvia With A Plan
  17. the attic archives | ep. 29 ✸ hny! i found my old notebooks – Megan Rhiannon
  18. Gillio Slim Orange Appunto Traveler’s Notebook – Moniki Lyfe
  19. Midori Hibino|| Hobonichi Weeks Flip & update – Life With MJB
  20. Plan With Me Jan 9th-15th, 2023 | Pocket Moleskine Daily | Pocket Planner – My Moxie Dreams
  21. 2023 Hobonichi Weeks Update | LindseyScribbles – lindseyscribbles
  22. Chic Sparrow TN – Personal Hobonichi Sneaker Weeks – Moniki Lyfe
  23. PTG Relaunch Project Management for life and Work Reducing Chaos – PlanTheGrind-SarahWheeler
  24. Journal With Me 2023 : 1 – Planning With John
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