Web Finds – 15 February 2023

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos. We try to find all the best ‘Carnet de Voyage’ posts every week.

  1. Web Finds – Saturday 11 February 2023Philofaxy
  2. VDS Undyed Janet Leather Unboxing – Planners, Productivity & Home Organization
  3. Nero’s Notes: Uglybooks – notesinabook
  4. Kokuyo Campus High Grade (MIO) Notebook Review – Fountain Pen Love
  5. Bindewerk Linen Flex-Cover Notebook Review – The Pen Addict
  6. Comment se lancer au Bullet Journal avec un Life Journal Infinite ? – Quo Vadis
  7. Papergang Daily Planner – notesinabook
  8. hard cover for B6 notebooks – EISVOGEL – StickersSwissMade
  9. Link Love: Moon Pie on my Mind – The Well-Appointed Desk
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  1. Video Web Finds – Wednesday 15 February 2023Philofaxy
  2. My VDS planner – 心怡 柯
  3. This Is Crazy! Galen Leather Zippered 20 Pen Case Review and Demonstration. – Mick L – The Offstage Me
  4. Galen Leather – UNBOXING – iPad Mini & Large Moleskine Cover – Eric DeSantis
  5. Back Planning – Pocket Moleskine – Moniki
  6. Galen Leather Leather Zippered Magnum Opus 12 Slots Hard Pen Case with Removable Pen Tray Feb 3,2023 – Pauline
  7. TRAVELER’S Company Notebook Setup 2023 w/Nolty 1511 Notebook – Seaweed Kisses
  8. Bullet Journal | Daily Pages Setup | Journaling for Self-Improvement – Sylvia With A Plan
  9. A Complete Flip through of my Finished Daily Journal: Hobonichi Techo (A6) – MyLifeMits
  10. My Monthly Planning Book/System – Traveler’s Notebook – Moniki
  11. One Month in my Hobonichi Cousin – Helen Colebrook
  12. a week with my notebooks | hobonichi x field notes (ep. 2) ✸ – Megan Rhiannon
  13. My Planner Belief – A6 Rings/Techo, Personal Wide Rings, Standard Bujo & Hobonichi Mega – Moniki
  14. Quick Journalling Session in 6 Minutes – Real Time Journalling – MyLifeMits
  15. daily log diaries | ep 9 why I’m reaching for my traveler’s notebooks, how I move book – lindseyscribbles
  16. Planner Flip-thru – Planner Perfect
  17. Brain Dumping & Planning – Personal Rings, Pocket Moleskine & Hobonichi Weeks – Moniki
  18. Flip through my completed journal #hobonichitecho #journalflipthrough #paperasmr – MyLifeMits
  19. Enjoying my Commit 30 Planner #planner #plannerlove #weeklyplanner – Kerri Pouliot
  20. Logical Air Japanese Notebook – Review and Ink Test – Stationery Shenanigans
  21. Planner Flips #weeks #moleskine #stalogy #personalrings – Moniki
  22. KINBOR PLANNER: first look, review, setup. Hobonichi dupe! Make the weekly hourly layout work for me – lizzuplans
  23. VDS UNDYED LEATHER B6 PLANNER COVER: what i would have done differently – Dia Meraz
  24. Silent flip thru of how January looked in my Hobonichi Cousin – the planner spot
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