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Gillio Appunto A5 Planner Cover – Anthracite – Review

The Gillio Appunto range of leather planner covers was initially released in March 2016. They originally came in both A6 and A5 sizes and have been joined by ‘Slim’ and B6 sizes.

The Appunto was originally designed for the Hobonichi style planners, but any notebook/planner of the same size will fit in to these covers.

  • A6: all standard A6 notebooks; Hobonichi Planner & Hobonichi Techo A6 and A6 Avec
  • A5: all standard A5 notebooks; Hobonichi Techo Cousin and Cousin Avec
  • B6: all standard B6 notebooks (e.g. Stalogy)
  • Slim: Hobonichi Weeks and Weeks MEGA

This review is of an A5 Appunto which I have recently received to review and try out.

The review sample is also in a new leather colour ‘Anthracite’ which is a lovely dark grey colour. It isn’t as stark as pure black, but not too light a grey colour either.

The Appunto is in Italian vegetable tanned leather, there is no stiffener between the layers, so it is soft and supple to the touch.

With the A5 Appunto open you can see that there are plenty of pockets and slots for most peoples requirements.

The inside front cover has 4 regular card slots and two deeper card/note card slots. There is a full height slip pocket on the outer edge as well.

On the back inside cover there is a full height zip pocket and a half height secretarial flap pocket. The elasticated pen loop sits above the broad clasp.

There are two book marks in the central section.

There are slots on both the front and back inside cover to hold your planner/notebook.

I intend to use the Appunto with my Quo Vadis Daily 21 planner, which I use as my daily journal. I’ve been using this make/model/size as my journal since 2013. The paper is excellent and it takes fountain pen easily.

The Daily 21 being A5 size, slots in neatly in to the A5 Appunto.

The Daily 21 has stiff covers, so I only slotted the back cover in to the Appunto, but for soft cover planners/notebooks you can slot both the front and back covers in to the Appunto, it has provision for this.

The A5 Appunto also has a full width back cover, so you can also carry loose A4 size pages as well.

I scanned in the new leather and an existing Gillio Compagna in Royal Blue, so you can see the difference in the leather colour. Grey is often a difficult colour to photograph, so scanning it in often produces a more accurate result.  You can see the other Gillio leather colours in a previous post on Philofaxy.

Gillio Epoca Royal Blue (828) Anthracite (780)

The A5 Appunto measures when closed measures 230mm high by 170mm wide including the clasp.

Here is Mella’s video:


The new colour will initially be available in the following models:

  • Pocket Compagna – 223/14
  • Medium Compagna – 224/02
  • Slim Appunto – 282/02
  • A5 Appunto – 281/02
  • A6 Appunto – 280/02

Thank you to Gillio Firenze for the A5 Appunto review sample in Anthracite.

Further information: 

Gillio – IIC bvba
Breedveld 2 unit 7
1651 LOT (Beersel)

Tel: +32 (0)2 380 63 19

Email: helpdesk@gillio.eu
Website: https://www.gillio.be
Facebook page: Gillio Firenze
Facebook groupGillio Firenze
Instagram: @GillioFirenze

News Release – Gillio Appunto Restock – All Sizes

Appunto restock – all sizes!

Our team is currently working on unpacking and quality checking a delivery of Appuntos, to make sure you can order yours before the Hobonichi launch of September 1st this week!

We will release & restock within 48 hours – be sure to sign up for email notifications on our website. Both the restock, the restock emails and the release of the new items will be done at once! If you register your email, you’ll be the first to know when this restock and release goes live!

Are you planning on buying a new A5, A6 or Slim Hobonichi planner? Then why not make sure it stays in pristine condition all year long with one of Gillio’s Appunto covers!

Our Appunto covers are compatible with the Techo and Weeks planners, and from what we’ve heard also with the Weeks MEGA that is coming out this year! Hobonichi announced that the Weeks MEGA will be identical in size to the regular Weeks, but a lot thicker as tons of extra note pages have been added. Luckily, our Appunto Slim was created with more than one Weeks in mind: you can easily add an additional notebook to your regular Weeks, or use it to house your new Weeks MEGA.

We’ve restocked some of the popular colours, and added some exciting new shades as well. Oh, and did anyone say bicolour Appuntos?

Within 48 hours, we will release and restock:

Appunto A6 (280/02)

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • 822 epoca yale blue
  • 827 epoca olive green
  • 828 epoca royal blue
  • NEW: 771/772 epoca yellow & dark brown
  • NEW: 772/771 epoca dark brown & yellow
  • NEW: 775/770 epoca black & red
  • NEW: 805/819 epoca purple & cream
  • NEW: 822/774 epoca yale blue & gold

Appunto A5 (281/02)

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • 827 epoca olive green
  • 828 epoca royal blue
  • NEW: 805/819 epoca purple & cream
  • NEW: 822/774 epoca yale blue & gold

Appunto Slim (282/02)

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • NEW: 805/819 epoca purple & cream
  • NEW: 822/774 epoca yale blue & gold
  • NEW: 456 croco black mat

Happy shopping!

See: http://www.gillio.be for full details.

Van der Spek Codex Standard

The Van der Spek Codex was introduced by the small Dutch family company back in January 2016 it was initially available in A5 and A6 sizes.

The Codex has been designed with the Hobonichi bound planner primarily, but any bound planner of these sizes will work. The Codex is a Custom Hand Made item and it is available in a large range of colours and leather finishes. Here are a selection of them.

The A5 and A6 were joined by the Codex Standard, this is for the Hobonichi Weeks size of planner (186x96mm) like the other two sizes it is a custom hand made to order item again with the huge range of leather choices.

There are a limited number of custom options you can add to your order in the form of clap closures, pen loops, book marks, and if you want further customisation just contact Petra and I’m sure she will be able to satisfy your specific design requirements.

Petra and the team recently introduced a number of designs improvements to the Codex and it really is a great design with the benefit of superb leatherwork and impeccable customer service, you should be considering the Van der Spek Codex to be the home for your Hobonichi Weeks.

Available to order today at Van der Spek the makers of not just the Codex but also the Nomad Travellers Notebook covers and their full range of ring bound organisers as well.

Thank you to Petra Van der Spek for the sample photographs