Friday TN Question No. 1

As you all know I’m very new to using the Travellers Notebooks, sure I’ve used some notebooks in the past and I’ve used a Filofax Flex with mixed success. With so many people in our planner community going down the TN route, I had to try it out for myself.

However, I am the curious sort of bloke and I’m always interested in how people use different planner  solutions. So by asking some simple questions, one each week, I’m sure I will learn a lot more about how people use their Travellers Notebooks and hopefully other new users will do to.

So this week I will kick off with a simple and safe question:

Do you use a Travellers Notebook instead of a Filofax or as well as? 

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

And don’t worry I will shortly be revealing how I use my lovely Travellers Notebook that Ray Blake sent me soon. It’s not just a photo prop!

19 thoughts on “Friday TN Question No. 1

  1. Tim

    Flex and Slimline Filofax. Flex and travellers notebooks are great for writing things down – meeting notes, during phone calls, journaling etc. Everything automatically goes in chronological order! Ring systems enable you to juggle pages around, remove and add new things right where you need them without the need for an indexing system. So for me there's a role for both – but I do find myself moving away from rings, over time…

  2. darrow

    As well. A5 Filofax for main home planner and TN for brain dumps and travel. Hmm. Hence the name! ; )

  3. darupnorth

    I have used a Franklin Covey for planning for many years. I have had my TN for about 2 months and am using my inserts for journaling, my gratitude and prayer journal, my version of a commonplace book, and to track books I have read/want to read. The TN is evolving, and I am enjoying it immensely. I consider it my creative, right brain mode journal. When the cover is open, I can let go of the exactness and accuracy that I need for tasks and planning.

  4. CarenQ

    I use my TN as my main daily planner/everyday book. I find it's much more portable than a ring-bound book. I do keep a disc-bound book at home for longer-term project planning, so I guess my answer is "as well as".

  5. Steve Yates

    I'm new to TN's too Steve. I had to have one after reading so much and seeing so many wonderful photos. So, I got Ray to make me two! One regulat and one passport, but Ray read my mind a made a Field Notes size instead of passport, and that gave me another option. Having made a variety of inserts from Ray's templates the TN's are still unused, but wonderul to look at, feel and stock with inserts, and I am hoping for inspiration to begin using them. The problem is I am more than happy with two Filofax's still.

  6. Austin Linda

    Using my TN as a dream recorder, for sketches and daily diary. My Filofax serves to record my general notes, and my "to do" list; my weekly calendar resides in my Filo, keeping track of my medical appointments, and such.

  7. Micalela P

    I use my fauxdori more than my filofax/arc planners. Both have Their positives but the fauxdori has gotten my attention for now.

  8. wolfwalkerin

    I use my TN instead of my Filofax. The rings got always in the way so I moved to the TN. And I realised that I'm more creative in my TN.

  9. averagegoddess

    as well as. i use my FF for planning, and my TN(s)…there are several…as my food/exercise diary, my journal and as my gratitude list 🙂

  10. Kate

    I use both. I have a personal Filofax (vintage pink Malden) as my personal calendar and wallet and a regular MTN (brown) as my work planner. I'm a teacher, so I like to separate work and personal. I used to use an A5 Filofax for my work planner, but I found it got very heavy and that I was less likely to open it up. That is why I moved into the MTN and it has been working for me so far.

  11. Steve Yates

    Since posting this I've been having a think! I usually use a reporters notebook for my jottings during the day, but got to thinking that with all the lovely resources we have for the TN, maybe I should just use a homemade booklet instead. So, I've decided that for next year I shall use one of Ray's Field Notes size diary along with a couple of note books. This also means that I shall give my Filofax a rest and see how I get on, as that's the only way I'm going to give the Midori a fair trial.

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