Web Finds – 10 November 2014

So I hope you had a good weekend. Sit back and relax and here we go.

  1. Customized Habana Notebooks – Quo Vadis Blog
  2. Introducing the 2015 Starter Pack – inserts for your Midori Traveler’s Notebook – My Life All in One Place
  3. Die “Travellers Notebook Times” – Notizbuchblog
  4. The Pocket Dump – Blank and Write
  5. ZenKraft Bearcat A5 Bi-Fold Notebook – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  6. Recovery with a New Pen – Julia’s Bento
  7. Guest post: Federal Supply Memoranda notebook review – Plannerisms
  8. ZenKraft Hex-Fold Slim Notebook System  – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  9. Crafty Links – Seaweed Kisses
  10. Something Wonderful… – Lovely Cards
  11. ZenKraft Kodiak Black Quad-Fold Slim with Maroon Pockets – ZenKraft Traveler’s Notes
  12. Journal Flip #2: Second Midori Traveler’s Notebook Refill … – Living in the Moment
  13. Free printable planners – Plannerisms 
  14. TN Times Magazine – Steve Morton
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And we have found these videos for your enjoyment as well.

  1. My Traveler’s Notebook Setup – Kaitlin Eckenrod
  2. November Setup – DIYFish MTN v2 DO2P & Small Projects Inserts – Carrie Harling
  3. Unwrapping & Moving Into My Happiedori – Love4Creativity
  4. diy travelers notebook – rayne tolentino
  5. My Midori Traveler’s Notebook Setup – Chit-Chat with Nit-Nat
  6. Flip Through My Midori Travelers Notebooks With Me! – tootooamy
  7. Flip through of my Fauxbonichi / Midori Traveler’s Notebook Oct #2 – MyLifeMits
  8. My Journal Journey – Julias Bento
  9. Field note size travelers notebook – Lauren Orsini
  10. Fauxdori vs Midori Review – GinasOrganizedLife
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