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This is another new series here on Travellers Notebook Times, I hope some more of our readers will join in. In this first post I ‘interviewed myself’ ! But I’m sure you will get the idea especially if you have read any of the reader under the spotlight posts over on Philofaxy

1. How long have you been using a travellers note book for?

Only a few weeks since starting this blog! But I’m enjoying using it as an addition to using a Filofax.

2. What size(s) of travellers notebooks do you use?

At the moment just a Pocket size one made by Ray Blake as shown in the pictures.

3. How many inserts/booklets does your travellers notebook hold?

The pocket size cover Ray Blake made for me comfortably holds three Moleskine Cahiers

4. What does each insert or notebook get used for?

I’m using one for notes and ideas for this blog and another for Philofaxy, and the third one I just use for jotting down general notes in it. I think the dividing up of different topics in to different notebooks helps me focus my attention and where as previously I’ve not got on that well with a bound notebook for notes, this sort of approach seems to be working quite well for me. I continue to use my ring bound Van der Spek organisers for my main planning and task lists.

5. If you could have an insert designed just for you, what would it contain?

I think I would create/print a blog planner of some kind for this blog, at the moment I’m piggy backing things in to my Van der Spek I use for planning things on Philofaxy. I’m sure Ray might have created a suitable insert I need to take a look and turn it in to a booklet for next year. A simply monthly calendar and some notes pages or something like that.

6. Have you ever considered making your own travellers notebook cover?

Not yet, but I might try to make one soon, something that takes the larger Moleskine Journal Cahier (210x130mm) would be excellent.

7. Apart from paper inserts, what else do you carry in your TN and how?

Just a pen at the moment.

8. What attracts you to using a travellers notebook compared to other formats?

Their simplicity and the ease of manufacturer on your own kitchen table/worktop with the minimum of tools.

9. What would you like to see in a travellers notebook design?

May be a simple pen loop, or some pockets but definitely a pen loop. I tried a clip on one but that didn’t work so I currently tuck my pen under the elastic.

10. What advice would you give to a new travellers notebook user?

Give one a try, I wasn’t sure if I would use one at first, but I’m finding it helps me focus my mind on the many different things that crop in life, I’ve tried using a pocket Filofax of similar size before and whilst it sort of worked I didn’t carry it around as much as I do the travellers notebook.

11. Finally, what would you like to see on Travellers Notebook Times?

More readers comments! And more people sending us details about their blogs so we can include them in our weekly web finds.

And if you would like to feature in ‘My Travellers Notebook’ please contact us: travellersnotebooktimes at gmail dot com

5 thoughts on “My Travellers Notebook – Steve

  1. Lyn Plannerbug

    Really enjoyed reading your "self" interview, Steve 🙂 I didn't know about the MTN until I got into the FF craze and am holding off getting one because I'm not very sure what I'll use it for. I admire creative journaling but I already got a Midori Date Book (different format from TN) that I intend to use as a daily diary. But this doesn't stop me from drooling over all the beautiful MTNs.

  2. Steve Yates

    Steve, I'm also new to Midori TN, courtesy of Ray's skills, but being a daily Filofax user, I am wondering how I will use this new format. I am in danger of duplicating what I already have in my Filofax, so I think it's essential to find a new use for the MIdori. It seems like you have made this decision too Steve? To help us do this, I think we need more diverse inserts, like some of the ones Ray produces, to force us away from Filofax.

  3. Suus S

    Love ready about your TN. I also have a FN that hold's three cashier books from Moleskine. Your review mirrors actually also my own use of my FN. I am still looking how to use both the a ring binder (the GILLIO) as the FN. I like both, but I find hte freedom of a ringbinder a BIG plus against the FN. Looking forward to read more about the FN's here!

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