My Travellers Notebook – Colin

Today I would like to introduce you to Colin

I am Colin Edwards. I have retired after a long portfolio career which started with a decade at sea in the Merchant Navy, and concluded as a magazine editor. Now enjoying a lazy life on the south east coast as, possibly, England’s oldest notebook user and blogger at 77.

My blog ‘Margate+’ is found at

1. How long have you been using a travellers note book for?

I started using a Traveler’s Notebook about four years ago when I won a competition for the Star Ferry special edition.

2. What size(s) of travellers notebooks do you use?

I didn’t feel totally happy with the tall thin format so I gave it away and acquired a Passport Size and, more recently, a ‘Raydori’ version made to Field Notes size. Perfect!

3. How many inserts/booklets does your travellers notebook hold?

Each notebook has two inserts at any one time.

4. What does each insert or notebook get used for?

The Passport size accommodates rough notes inspired by items read on line along with subscription data, and passwords. The Field Notes inserts are for outlining articles and book ideas, with the second one acting as a personal journal.

5. If you could have an insert designed just for you, what would it contain?

I am quite happy with what I have thank you.

6. Have you ever considered making your own travellers notebook cover?

I lack the skill, materials, tools, eyesight, dexterity and patience to make my own.

7. Apart from paper inserts, what else do you carry in your TN and how?

I have a double page, clear acetate A5 business card holder acquired from a local stationery outlet and folded in half to fit.

8. What attracts you to using a travellers notebook compared to other formats?

Attracted by the absolute flexibility of the concept and Midori’s customizing options [although I don’t use them] Enjoy seeing others’ adaptions too. So much creativity and loyalty around the brand.

9. What would you like to see in a travellers notebook design?

Shift the belly-band elastic knot from the centre of the back cover to the spine so that the book can lie flat.

10. What advice would you give to a new travellers notebook user?

Don’t give up too soon. Give it a break and then try again. It takes time but when you fall in love with the idea you may be hooked for all time. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you cannot do anything that can’t be undone if it doesn’t work. If your budget is tight, look for non-branded inserts at a fraction of the price of Midori originals, although the quality may be lower. Choose sewn rather than stapled inserts if you plan to keep them for a long time.

11. Finally, what would you like to see on Travellers Notebook Times?

I reckon you have the right formula with Travellers’ Notebook Times. Please just keep on doing what you are doing!

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