All Stars Tour 2016

Announced today on Philofaxy, but we want you to all join in as well… it’s not just for people using ring bound planners.

The All Stars Tour is about to happen again. The last time we ran a tour was in August 2013.

The All Stars Tour is where we get a group or team of bloggers from within our community to tour around other blog sites and they provide guest posts for those sites. In exchange everyone gets some new content and hopefully some extra visitors to their site.

Anyone can join the tour, there’s no pre-requiste to join the team. The only thing is you agree to is if someone guest posts on your site you offer them a guest post for their site in return.

All of these posts will be added to webfinds as they happen, so that will ensure the sites are getting a boost in publicity.

If there are 20 people in the team, you don’t have to agree to guest post on every single one.. 3 or 4 is a typical number sometimes more.

The subject of your guest post doesn’t have to be planner or Filofax related, you just agree with the blog site host what your post will be about and away you go. So if you have an in-depth knowledge about bee keeping with may be a brief reference to records you keep in your Filofax that will be fine, but so would a blog post about how to write a great CV for a job application.

We have run this tour the last couple of years, but I’m sure/hoping that with so many new faces on the blogging circuit we can encourage some of these new people to join in as well.

I will also be posting about the tour on Travellers Notebook Times, so hopefully we can get some ‘cross-pollination’ between the two groups. Essentially we are all pen and paper users, how the pages are held together is effectively the only difference.

How do you sign up… simple email steve at philofaxy dot com and make the subject of your email Allstars. All I need to know is that you are happy for your email address to be shared with the rest of the team and the address of your blog.

The intention is to start in the new year.

Thanks for your support.