My favourite Travellers Notebook – Nolwenn

Today we continue this new series with Nolwenn 

Hi, my name is Nolwenn and you may know me from the Youtube channel John Sparegrave.

I am both a collector and user of TNs which I use in many, many ways from work to personal.

Ok so this one is personal.

Q1. What is your favourite Travellers Notebook cover (Make/model/size)?

My favourite TN of all time (among many that I love) is a TN that my parents offered to me for my birthday. It is a Mr Darcy Chic Sparrow in the color Buttered Rum size wide (to accomodate Moleskine notebooks).

Q2. How long have you owned it?

I’ve had it for just a few weeks since my birthday was in October but I wanted it for months and months.

Q3. What is it that you like about it so much?

I just really love the finish and the leather. It is an intimate type of notebook, very delicate. I dedicated it to pain poetry. I have a severe form of AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis). It makes it hard to sleep, provokes debilitating fatigue and pain. Now everyone has their own ways to deal with it, poetry is one of mine. On the photos I shared, there are poems by authors but also two I wrote myself. For some reason, despite being French, writing in English soothes me more. I needed a delicate leather to hold my thoughts but also one that felt like true skin. I needed a TN that would show scars easily the way my brain takes scars from being constantly hurt and exhausted. Many poets endured debilitating pain, either physical or mental. I really feel Mr Darcy is the perfect place for my pain poetry.

Q4. Do you use it all the time?

Every week but not all the time because I have to work and due to the disease all my strength goes there most of the time. Whenever I’m down, can’t do much and have to rest, I’ll read and write poetry and then go to this notebook to soothe my mind.

Q5. Do you think the design could be improved in any way? How?

I really do think the design of that notebook is superb. It is close to perfection. Now since I don’t use credit cards in it, maybe allowing the customers to choose the inside options would be great.

And here are some photos of my Chic Sparrow

Thank you Nolwenn be sure to check out their channel at: John Sparegrave.

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  1. Steve Yates

    Thank you for sharing your TN with us. We all like to see others books and what they do with them. A bit of the voyeur in all of us I suppose, but mainly it is the creativity of other people that I appreciate. I’ve seen some of your YouTube videos, and the one about the colour of your Midori Camel was particularly helpful to me. I hope that your medical condition doesn’t deteriorate and that you continue to enjoy life. Thanks again.

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