Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 10

IMG_2444Each week we ask our readers a simple question about their Travellers Notebooks and how they use them.

So this weeks question:

Who is your favourite blogger or You Tuber that features Travellers Notebooks on a regular basis?

Please include a link if possible in your response.

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

Is there a Question you would like to ask our readers about how they use their Travellers Notebooks?

Happy New Year to all our readers, I will be back next year with some more posts and reviews for you to enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 10

  1. Steve Yates

    Well I’ve tried attaching links, Steve, but failed miserably. In the end I completely lost my original comments, so I’m trying again but without links and with names.

    I have four favourites at the moment, not including Janet Carr, who must be everyone’s permanent favourite.
    1. Onesixfiveeast – a bit older than me but with the same values, interests and wonderful memories of an England and a world which I fear we won’t see again. He loves his notebooks.
    Then we have three innovative young ladies who are happy to share their ideas and setups
    2. Kelsie Freeman.
    3. Sosteffso, recently featured here
    4. Seaweed Kisses, regularly featured

  2. caendicott

    Carie Harling. I love how she owns that she switches up all the time and essentially gives us all permission to change things when we need to change them.

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