Open Discussion – 2 January 2017

Monday here on Travellers Notebook Times is where you should feel free to discuss anything relevant, ask questions, ask for opinions and share other information as well.

Relevant is anything covering Travellers notebook, bound planners, Hobonichi planners, notebooks etc etc… But obviously excluding ring bound planners, disc bound planners which are more at home on Philofaxy.

I hope to keep it simple and civilised.


3 thoughts on “Open Discussion – 2 January 2017

  1. Steve Yates

    Morning everyone. My question to all UK based readers concerns cardstock. I like to print a few of my own inserts but I’m disappointed with the covers. I have seen people use beautiful card, featuring compasses, old handwriting, zodiac signs and suchlike. Now can you buy this kind of card, and if so where from, or are these folks just clever and print or stamp their own? Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Amanda Fleet

      Have a browse on eBay. There are some great card stocks there. You may need to play with search terms so you don’t get a zillion hits each time, but there should be some good card available. Hope that helps!

  2. Makingplansmakinglife

    What an excellent question! I live in the States, so my response may not be helpful. I do have access to a huge variety of card stock at our local craft stores, but I also find inspiration elsewhere. For exanple, my college sends out an annual wall calendar in our letter/your A4 size. Each month has a sheet with lovely photography. Last January, I used each monthly cover page to create a daily insert for each calendar month for this past year. Sometimes, I find beautiful images in magazines-that look much like the sepia-colored Tim Holtz (brand you might find on Amazon UK??) ephemera one can find in our craft shops. I save them once I’m done with the magazine and then glue them onto the front of plain cardstock to use as a cover. Hope this gives you some ideas for resources in your area.

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