Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 8

IMG_2444Each week we ask our readers a simple question about their Travellers Notebooks and how they use them.

So this weeks question:

What is your favourite size of Travellers Notebook?

Please answer in the comments below, although I know a few of you will answer my question on Facebook.

Is there a Question you would like to ask our readers about how they use their Travellers Notebooks?

12 comments to Travellers Notebook Questions – No. 8

  • Steve Yates

    My favourite is the Passport size, and it currently holds my 2017 diary and a book of personal information. As I also have two Regular Size ones, I am using one of those at the moment indoors for general note taking, wish and shopping lists for next year, along with a duplicate set of personal information.

  • My favorite is standard/narrow! I am really trying to like field notes size though, because it’s easier to carry around!

  • Patricia

    My favorite size is not a standard size. It is 8 inches tall by 5 inches wide. I have to make my own.

  • Katherine

    My favorite is standard size TN. It is perfect for journaling and planning. I would like to try a passport size for 2017 as a EDC.

  • sophiz

    My favourite size for travel is the regular one, but for everyday cary, I have a personal size one. I will try to downsize to pocket size next year…

  • Cori

    B6 all the way!!! Big enough not to feel cramped, but small enough that it’s still portable.

  • Rene

    Depends on what il using it for –
    Pocket for my wallet, standard/narrow for my calendar and personal planning, and my extra wide for work.

  • Danyel

    Pocket (Field Notes). Such a versatile size and easy to find notebooks in the US.

  • Tammy

    Standard/narrow size or A6. But, I will never be able to give up my Field Notes/Pocket size. A least not until all the Field Notes Brand inserts are used up.

  • 8 x 5″ (or a cut-down A5 -21cm x ~14cm). Moleskine cahier size but I cut down Rhodia or Clairefontaine A5 books as Moleskines are made of horrible paper!

  • Cherry

    Field Notes size is my all time favorite for my daily carry. Yet, for work, my preferred size is A5.

  • Pat

    Pocket or field notes for me. The largest chunk of my collection is in that size.