Open Discussion – 19 December 2016

Monday here on Travellers Notebook Times is where you should feel free to discuss anything relevant, ask questions, ask for opinions and share other information as well.

Relevant is anything covering Travellers notebook, bound planners, Hobonichi planners, notebooks etc etc… But obviously excluding ring bound planners, disc bound planners which are more at home on Philofaxy.

I hope to keep it simple and civilised.


5 thoughts on “Open Discussion – 19 December 2016

  1. Steve Yates

    Morning one and all! Following on from Steve’s question at the weekend about favourite notebook sizes. Do you think we should exclusively keep to the two Midori sizes, and concentrate on producing inserts and encouraging the production of different inserts just for those two? After all, Midori is the traveller’s notebook, and Field Notes is just that, a note book.

    1. stevemorton

      I think it’s too late to restrict the sizes because there are so many sizes in use and being sold by so many different sellers. Just take a look on ETSY and you will see what I mean.

    2. Amanda Fleet

      Well, I for one wouldn’t appreciate that as I use neither of the ‘classic’ sizes of Midori. What I like in the posts is the way people are using the cover + strings + bound notebooks as an organisation tool or a notebook or whatever. The actual size they are using is less important as HOW they are using it, to me, anyway.
      What are the advantages of limiting it to the two Midori sizes? In many countries, it’s a lot easier to get the non-standard size notebooks (thinking especially of both 8×5″ and Field Notes sizes). And Field Notes may well just be a notebook but isn’t that the central aspect of the TN system? That it’s notebooks slung together in a leather wrapper?
      Or am I missing something?

  2. stevemorton

    If anyone would like to send in a guest post by way of a review of their Travellers Notebook along with a few photographs I would be more than happy to feature the posts on here. If you are interested please contact me at: travellersnotebooktimes at gmail dot com

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