Web Finds – 1 January 2020

Happy New Year to all our readers where ever you are. Thank you all for your continued support in 2019.

It is time to sit back and relax and have a read of the latest blog posts and watch some of the latest videos.

  1. Happy New Bujo – The Official Filofax Blog
  2. Octavia Butler’s Notebook – Notebook Stories
  3. Countdown to 2020 – Blog Planners Edition – notesinabook
  4. There’s still time to get your 2020 Quo Vadis planner! – Quo Vadis Blog
  5. Taking the point – Nero’s Notes – Paw Prints
  6. Snippets Of My Moleskine Journals – Seaweed Kisses
  7. Countdown to 2020 – Paperchase – notesinabook
  8. Planning a Creative Year – iHanna’s Blog
  9. Édouard Manet’s Notebook – Notebook Stories
  10. Daily Journaling Prompts for January 2020! – Quo Vadis Blog
  11. Countdown to 2020 – Desk Diaries – notesinabook
  12. Commonplace Notebooks – Julie Goucher ~ Anglers Rest 

We are looking to expand the blogs that we monitor  that have TN type posts in them, if you would like your blog added to the system please contact us: admin at travellersnotebooktimes dot com

And we have found this selection of videos for your enjoyment as well. Give them a like and subscribe to their channel if you like what you see. Also take a look at their other videos.

  1. Moleskine Pocket Planner Setup – 2020 Bullet Journal – Seaweed Kisses
  2. Planner Thoughts for 2020 – John Rush
  3. Apple Pig Leather Art Mr Potato B6 Slim Custom Cover – MyLifeMits
  4. 2019 Review: Planners and Journals – seemownay
  5. Using an ‘expired’ TUL Teacher Planner – Planner Stuff
  6. New Decade New Planner Line Up – Beth Soler
  7. Plan With Me | Bullet Journal | January – Helen Colebrook
  8. Journal With Me No. 45 – Traveler’s Notebook – Daily Setup – All about Die Cuts! – happie_journal_life
  9. My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup! Leuchtturm1917 | lettered plans – lettered plans
  10. November & BF Haul 2019: HappieScrappie * Muji * grinandbearit * stickiiclub * The Style Planner – seemownay
  11. Journal With Me No. 46 – Traveler’s Notebook Daily Setup – Vintage Can’t Go Wrong – happie_journal_life
  12. Ep. 4 | My 2020 Planner Lineup! – lettered plans

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