My Travellers Notebook – Karyn

Today I would like to introduce you to Karyn

I am currently studying for my real estate licence.  I like to be organised so have used some form of diary over the last 10 years or more. I can’t remember how I found the travellers notebook, but am delighted I did as I used to feel I was wrestling with the others, now I have peace.

1. How long have you been using a travellers note book for?

I have only been using one for the last 4 months.  I made one when I first learned about the travellers notebook to see if I would like it.  Once I saw the potential I purchased both the passport and standard sized midori.

2. What size(s) of travellers notebooks do you use?

I have both the passport and full size and I use them both together.

3. How many inserts/booklets does your travellers notebook hold?

My full size has 4 notebooks in it and I would like to add another.  My passport has two notebooks in it.

4. What does each insert or notebook get used for?

In my passport (which I use as my wallet) I have a blank notebook for notes and the midori dairy insert.  In my full size I have one for notes, study etc.  it is really my brain dump.  One is my diary with a day per page based on the DIYFish inserts.  One is a zentangle booklet and the other is a journal.

5. If you could have an insert designed just for you, what would it contain?

Funny you should ask that as I have just designed one that I am going to see if it can be made up for me around zentangling.

6. Have you ever considered making your own travellers notebook cover?

Yes my first one was and the leather was a little soft so I ironed doublefacing sticky stuff onto it and ironed a piece of fabric onto that which made it firmer.  I do love my ‘true’ midoris though!

7. Apart from paper inserts, what else do you carry in your TN and how?

I carry a card pocket and a plastic zip pocket (for money) in my passport.  I have a zip pocket in my full size and I did have the kraft folder in there as well but found I wasn’t using it so took it out and have made a larger fold out ‘note’ holder which I am happy with.

8. What attracts you to using a travellers notebook compared to other formats?

I like the compact feel in my hands as well as there being no rings to get in the way when I am writing.

9. What would you like to see in a travellers notebook design?

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head as I use the graph notebooks and draw them in myself to see if it works before taking it further – getting someone to design something.

10. What advice would you give to a new travellers notebook user?

Let go of any preconceived ideas you have about planners as this is a whole new ball game.

11. Finally, what would you like to see on Travellers Notebook Times?

I am really enjoying the you tube videos that you post.  I would like to see any new plans and ideas people come up with as many people think outside the box and may not think their idea is worthy of sharing.

Thank you Karyn, thank you for your help and support. 

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