Minimalist Every Day Carry

There are quite a few times I don’t want to carry my usual planner and ‘man bag’ such as one day this week when we were going out to lunch.

So I adapted what I really needed for a short trip out of the house for a few hours.

So I grabbed my Gillio Intelligent Wallet, this holds 6 cards and has an internal storage slot for paper money, my iPhone 6 and my Filofax Flex Leather Slim Notebook cover.


The Filofax Flex has a gusseted pocket on the front inside cover which will take my iPhone 6 easily still with its case on too. Tucked in there it wouldn’t be a distraction during our meal! The pen is my usual Uniball Vision Elite rollerball

The Flex Slim takes notebooks that are 15cm by 8.5cm not a common size. You can of course buy replacements from Filofax but I made this one myself with a simple template and followed the instructions by Ray Blake in his video. I kept the number of pages down to just 12 pages and added a card-stock cover, it keeps it fairly slim and compact. I used Clairefontaine 80gsm paper for the notebook.


The three together fit easily together and fit comfortably in my jacket pocket.


I will be using this combination quite a lot more for short trips out, if I think of something I need to remember I will have a notebook ready to hand every time.


2 comments to Minimalist Every Day Carry

  • Whilst the Flex Slim pocket (designed for an iPhone 4) won’t hold the largest iPhones, it is straightforward to fit a discreet magnet strip to the rear of your iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus or 7 Plus and a corresponding strip on the inside right hand side of the Flex Slim. Thus is where the Jot Pad would normally go but it holds one of the largest iPhones perfectly!

  • Sophiz

    I use the black flex slim first edition, I have made a hole on the middle of the spine to add an elastic. It holds all my stuff, like the traveler’s notebooks.
    It’s compact, take no place in my handbag, and I have everything in one place.