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Today we start the first in this new series with Cori from ‘

Q1. What is your favourite Travellers Notebook cover (Make/model/size)?

My favorite TN cover is my Foxy Fix Marina Le Petite #5, the B6 size.

Q2. How long have you owned it?

Since July 2016, but I was participating in #onebookJuly2016, so I didn’t actually set it up or anything until August. But I’ve been using it ever since.

Q3. What is it that you like about it so much?

The B6 size, 7″ x 5″, is the perfect size for me for multiple reasons. My local stores always have notebooks in this size and they’re pretty cheap. I love that I don’t have to rely on ordering online and WAITING (I hate waiting) for the inserts to show up.

Q4. Do you use it all the time?

Yes, it is my EDC. I have my blogging insert, a dashboard, a folder, my monthly/weekly combo insert, my daily/journaling insert, and a brain dump book in the back.

Q5. Do you think the design could be improved in any way? How?

Design improvements depend on the designer. I wish there was more flexibility in terms of choosing pockets for the TNs. I don’t care for the card slot style pockets in the front of the TN. I would prefer secretarial pockets in the front and the back.

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  1. Steve Yates

    I like the idea of a size which will fit notebooks from different manufacturers but I’m always bothered about leather quality, which is probably why I stick to Midori. I have bought from a third party and been disappointed. I’m glad you’re happy with your setup, and thank you for sharing it with us.

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