Open Discussion – 21 November 2016

I received a request to start a once a week open discussion post like Free For All Friday over on Philofaxy.

So this post will be a regular feature hopefully every Monday here on Travellers Notebook Times where you will be free to discuss anything relevant, ask questions, ask for opinions and share other information as well.

Relevant is anything covering Ttravellers notebook, bound planners, Hobonichi planners, notebooks etc etc… But obviously excluding ring bound planners, disc bound planners which are more at home on Philofaxy.

I hope to keep it simple and civilised.


6 thoughts on “Open Discussion – 21 November 2016

  1. S. Yates

    I’ve recently bought a Camel Passport Midori Diary Pack from the Journal Shop. Excellent service, of course, but I was a bit disappointed with the colour, darker than I was expecting, but more Camel down the spine. I suppose I can live with it, as it will undoubtedly darken with use, but has anyone else found colour discrepancies with this model or indeed the Blue PanAm? i thought that one was different in the flesh to what I had seen in the adverts.

    1. M Ng

      Yes, indeed.

      I have a Blue TN, which started off a little darker than I expected; with use, it’s gotten slightly lighter instead of darker.

      However, both my 5th Anniversary Camel TN and my Star Ferry Camel Passport TN were darker than expected from advertising (and other users’ photos). The 5th Anniversary TN has maintained a really beautiful caramel brown. (My 5th Anniversary TN is strange all around, though; it arrived a caramel/cognac brown and the leather is stiffer than is typical, much more like the leather used in the Blue TN.) My Star Ferry PPTN, which I’ve pretty much used every day for the past couple of years, has darkened even more; it may be as dark as a regular brown TN now, but the color of the leather is still quite different, a little cooler than warmer maybe.

    2. Lena Karlsson

      I´ve had exactly the same issue. I ordered a regular size TN in camel couple of weeks ago and it looks almost as “brown” as an original brown. Disapointing when you already have the brown in your collection. There is no contrast between the two colors.The camel I received looks nothing like the pictures of how a camel should look like.

    1. S. Yates

      Yes, thank you. I’m tempted to get mine exchanged, if possible.

      1. Nolwenn Juno

        Provide pictures, with your standard as a comparison point as I did. It says a lot. Now the new camel is not close to the 5th anniversary. The color is different. But as you mention it should be closer to a cognac than a regular brown. The contrast between my two TNs was so strong, the matter was quickly settled.

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