Open Discussion – 28 November 2016

Monday here on Travellers Notebook Times is where you should feel free to discuss anything relevant, ask questions, ask for opinions and share other information as well.

Relevant is anything covering Travellers notebook, bound planners, Hobonichi planners, notebooks etc etc… But obviously excluding ring bound planners, disc bound planners which are more at home on Philofaxy.

I hope to keep it simple and civilised.


5 thoughts on “Open Discussion – 28 November 2016

  1. Steve Yates

    I’ve recently bought a camel Midori TN. What’s the best way of caring for the leather on this model, as leather care products in general will only serve to darken the leather so it will no longer be “camel”?

    1. Freyja

      leather darkens by time. It also is the lightest when it is dry. In nature leather is on a layer of fat- for a very good reason. Fat gives our skin suppleness and keeps it from tearing apart, thus protecting us from outside attacks in form of germs and viruses etc. When an animal is skinned, it will loose its steady source of natural fats. When one conditions leather, it is bound to loose its “lightness” regardless. The more Ph changes, the more, or rather faster the colour difference will occur. Also, the larger molecules the fats have, the more it is bound to just sit on leather without penetrating. With smaller molecules, you will see more rapid colour change. But either way, there will be one if you so choose to condition your leather (as would be good). I bought a piece of natural, untreated leather a few months ago and it already is a “camel” colour from its former almost pinkish pale hue. My ochre Maldens are dark brown and shiny. I have watched endless pictures from well-used Midori covers and one can easily see how they´ve been used and held. Because that is the ability of leather. It can tell us stories.

      1. Steve Yates

        Thanks for that insight, Freyja. I know that at some point I will have to moisturise the leather and it will change colour, but it will be interesting to see how it changes and takes on a new character. As you say, it will change with handling anyway.

  2. christy kuhlman

    I want a TN so badly. I think they are just awesome. But I am a one planner girl. So right now I carry a personal Malden for my everything organizer. It is my wallet and all areas of my life. I carry it everywhere. Can the same be done with the TN? Can you use it as a wallet also, or would that just not work. Would love to hear from people that are using theirs as a “main” organizer. Thanks so much.

  3. Steve Yates

    Well Christy you can use a TN as a planner and wallet. Midori make and sell accessories for you to carry receipts, stamps, cards and money as well as a kraft envelope to store receipts, tickets etc., whilst on your travels. Add in a diary and you’re all set. Just choose whatever size is best for you.

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