News Release – Gillio Appunto Restock – All Sizes

Appunto restock – all sizes!

Our team is currently working on unpacking and quality checking a delivery of Appuntos, to make sure you can order yours before the Hobonichi launch of September 1st this week!

We will release & restock within 48 hours – be sure to sign up for email notifications on our website. Both the restock, the restock emails and the release of the new items will be done at once! If you register your email, you’ll be the first to know when this restock and release goes live!

Are you planning on buying a new A5, A6 or Slim Hobonichi planner? Then why not make sure it stays in pristine condition all year long with one of Gillio’s Appunto covers!

Our Appunto covers are compatible with the Techo and Weeks planners, and from what we’ve heard also with the Weeks MEGA that is coming out this year! Hobonichi announced that the Weeks MEGA will be identical in size to the regular Weeks, but a lot thicker as tons of extra note pages have been added. Luckily, our Appunto Slim was created with more than one Weeks in mind: you can easily add an additional notebook to your regular Weeks, or use it to house your new Weeks MEGA.

We’ve restocked some of the popular colours, and added some exciting new shades as well. Oh, and did anyone say bicolour Appuntos?

Within 48 hours, we will release and restock:

Appunto A6 (280/02)

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • 822 epoca yale blue
  • 827 epoca olive green
  • 828 epoca royal blue
  • NEW: 771/772 epoca yellow & dark brown
  • NEW: 772/771 epoca dark brown & yellow
  • NEW: 775/770 epoca black & red
  • NEW: 805/819 epoca purple & cream
  • NEW: 822/774 epoca yale blue & gold

Appunto A5 (281/02)

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • 827 epoca olive green
  • 828 epoca royal blue
  • NEW: 805/819 epoca purple & cream
  • NEW: 822/774 epoca yale blue & gold

Appunto Slim (282/02)

  • 773 epoca rust
  • 776 epoca burgundy
  • NEW: 805/819 epoca purple & cream
  • NEW: 822/774 epoca yale blue & gold
  • NEW: 456 croco black mat

Happy shopping!

See: for full details.

Minimalist Every Day Carry

There are quite a few times I don’t want to carry my usual planner and ‘man bag’ such as one day this week when we were going out to lunch.

So I adapted what I really needed for a short trip out of the house for a few hours.

So I grabbed my Gillio Intelligent Wallet, this holds 6 cards and has an internal storage slot for paper money, my iPhone 6 and my Filofax Flex Leather Slim Notebook cover.


The Filofax Flex has a gusseted pocket on the front inside cover which will take my iPhone 6 easily still with its case on too. Tucked in there it wouldn’t be a distraction during our meal! The pen is my usual Uniball Vision Elite rollerball

The Flex Slim takes notebooks that are 15cm by 8.5cm not a common size. You can of course buy replacements from Filofax but I made this one myself with a simple template and followed the instructions by Ray Blake in his video. I kept the number of pages down to just 12 pages and added a card-stock cover, it keeps it fairly slim and compact. I used Clairefontaine 80gsm paper for the notebook.


The three together fit easily together and fit comfortably in my jacket pocket.


I will be using this combination quite a lot more for short trips out, if I think of something I need to remember I will have a notebook ready to hand every time.


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FrontSo I hope you are having a good week.

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