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Prima Traveler’s Journal

I was fortunate enough to get some time to chat with the representatives of Prima at PlannerCon Europe 2017 in Brussels. They kindly offered me one of their Traveler’s Journals to review on the blog.

With so many different Travellers Notebooks to choose from on the market these days it is difficult to know which one to buy, especially if you are new to this format. You have to look at what each design has to offer that you will need to help you decide which one to go for.

Most are a simple one piece of leather folded in half with some holes and elastics and not a lot more.

This is were the Prima Traveler’s Journal differs from most of the others on the market today.

The Prima Traveler’s Journal is made from bonded leather, so it will stand up to every day usage easily.

The item is packaged in a clear plastic box with a cardboard wrapper which gives details about the product.


Once you have got the box open and extracted the Traveler’s Journal you get a much better impression of the product.

The leather has a pleasing shine to it and as you can see the stitching is very neat and accurate.

The cover is held closed with a horizontal elastic which has a leather tab on it to cushion it against the cover.

The back cover has the website address of Prima Marketing embossed in to it at the foot of the cover.

Opening the cover reveals the internal layout of the front inside cover.

Taking a closer look you will see the pen loop, two credit card slots and two diagonally cut slip pockets.


Laying the journal open flat you will see it comes fitted with space for four journals. There are two elastics threaded through the cover at the top and bottom to make the four equal length strings to add inserts and accessories to.

The rear inside cover is devoted to a full height zip pocket, with a leather tab and Prima charm on the zip pull.

The zip pocket opening is in the size of the pocket making it very easy to get things in and out of the pocket. The pocket is lined so things will be protected in there.

The journal comes with two plain paper inserts of the normal regular size (110 x 210mm).

So if you want a simple but well designed Travellers Notebook give this one some consideration.

Thank you to Prima Marketing for supplying the review sample.

Further Information:
Website: https://www.primamarketinginc.com
Facebook Page: https://www.instagram.com/primamarketinginc/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/primamarketinginc/

Available here:

Other stockists are listed on the Prima Marketing Website Store Locator page.


The Pocket Notebook Book by Ray Blake

I have never been the biggest user of notebooks over the years. As you know I am more of a ring bound organiser user.

That said I have been using small notebooks as Travellers Notebooks in the last few years with mixed results, so this book I thought might hold some clues as to how to make better use of them.

And Ray Blake didn’t disappoint. Ray sent me a free copy of the book to review it and this post is the result.

According to the page on Amazon, the book if it was printed would be 90 pages in length. I did wonder at first what can you write about notebooks that would take 90 pages! How wrong was I.

Ray eases us in with the history of notebooks and buying a pocket notebook, this includes information about sizes and types, things to look out for, paper types etc. All very useful stuff for people who want a comprehensive guide.

The book then continues about how to set up your pocket notebook so you get the best from it.

The next few chapters cover different uses of pocket notebooks and Ray includes plenty of examples and drawings to illustrate the methods and examples shown.

Ray also goes in to the detail about how to index and archive your notes and notebooks. I know he is writing from experience as he explained this process to me in a podcast interview about how he uses his own pocket notebooks.

Whilst it isn’t a long read by any means, I can really recommend the book to anyone who uses a Pocket Notebook or like me has tinkered with them in the past, but never got the full benefits from them.

The book is available on Amazon for the Kindle, although you can get Kindle apps for most devices these days even if you don’t own a Kindle.

Thank you Ray for the chance to review your book, I will be digging out some unused pocket notebooks myself to put in to use soon.

Check out Ray’s blog (My Life All In One Place) for lots of other useful information.